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FAQs / Trouble Shooting


  • ...After you click the REGISTER link, fill out the info. You will see some questions (you may have to Google for answers if you don't know much about the Beatles) that help reduce bot registration. You'll agree to not sell/sell promote (check box at the end of registration).
  • ...Usernames: the system will tell you if your desired username is already in use. Do NOT use your email address as a username.
  • ...You will then see this message on screen: "Thank you for registering, (your user name shows here). An email has been dispatched to (your email shows here) with details on how to activate your account. Click here to return to where you were previously." You will receive an email in your inbox. You MUST follow the link in that email before you can post on these forums. Until you do that, you will be told that you do not have permission to post. Granted, you can log-in, but you cannot post.
  • ...Check spam folder if you don't see that email very soon. In that email, you will see this:
    "Please note - you must complete this last step to become a registered member. You will only need to visit this URL once to activate your account." And then you'll need to click the link provided.
  • ...Signatures: you may post a single link to your site in your signature. More info about your business will get you banned as it will be considered self promotion.
  • ...So, it's pretty simple. Enjoy the Forum.


  • ...Post what is polite and appropriate. If you have to ask what is appropriate, don't post.
  • ...If you would not want your 5 year old kiddo to be exposed to your post, that's a clue that you ought not post
  • ...No selling, promotion, self promotion. Want to sell something? Click WB AD RATES.
  • ...No posting of copyrighted images
  • ...No whining at the admin. He hates that.
  • ...Anything posted may be used by WoodenBoat Publications
  • ...WoodenBoat has sole discretion for removing posts it deems inappropriate, and banning posters.


  • ...Either via your own host, or via us. You'll see icons in the posting section to help you post images, and videos.
  • ...If your images are turned sideways you can fix that by making them landscape instead of portrait. Either by cropping or puttng them on a landscape canvas.
  • ...Don't post large images... instead resize to approx 800 pixels wide or smaller.


  • ...Let us know and we will remove. Provide a direct link. See the DMCA info at the footer of the Forum.


  • ...You cannot remove another person's posts, but if you want, you can delete any of your posts. Go into the post, Edit, then choose delete.
  • ...You can also close a thread you create... which sometimes happens by mistake. If you go to post, you will see a small checkbox at the bottom of the posting text box.

  • ...The is no subscription fee for the Forum, so if you decide to no longer participate, there is no "cancel". You simply stop posting.


  • ...While the built-in search function works, you may find those search mavens at Google have a better system. In Google's search, type, and then the term you are searching. So, if you wanted to look for threads about Phil Bolger, you could type bolger


  • ...Forum Actions -> Edit Profile. You will need your password. If you don't recall that, click FORGOT PASSWORD?.
  • ...Reminder: signatures may have a link to your site, but more business info than that will be considered as self promotion, and is verboten.


  • ...And get something in return? SUBSCRIBE.

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    Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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