View Full Version : Open letter to Scot and the forum

07-02-2009, 09:21 AM
This morning I awoke to another sweeping run of deletions here in the bilge and and upstairs. The fact I was helping a member work through some engine issues means nothing. It seems the baiting crew got what they wanted one more time The fact that my father a retired Marine with multiple tours in three wars and myself can be said to have been picked up by aliens and Anal probed is okay by Scots standards. Its time to understand that here the door really does swing only one way and only certain posters are given latitude. Popularity seems to be the driving force no matter what we would like to think
I have recieved an e-mail prior to the boat show telling me I am not welcome at any forumites events. The fact that it came to my new e-mail address that only one forumite I trust implicitly and Scot have it seems to indicate something to me. The coward did use a Gmail addy so go figure who it was. Not the first time this has happened but for me the last.

I know I am a firebrand by the content I post but no one is forced to read it or respond. The fact its the same players over and over that censor by trashing my threads then accuse me of being rude in response has no bearing on Scots actions

I may be harsh but no one here can say I haven't come to another's aid regardless of out past confrontations and always willing to lend a hand within my limitations. I tend to believe that no matter what is said to each other here we are all brothers and sisters of the sea.
That doesn't seem to apply to everyone though in some circles.

As I am a firm believer that the measure of a man is the company he keeps so I can no longer participate here. Some of you are great people and have earned my respect. To you I say thank you, to the others a warning, you will reap what you sow in time. It is a constant in this universe that cannot be denied.

I have posted my predictions and even if my timetable is early the end result is inevitable so with that I say I wish you all well and may godspeed you through any times of peril. It is my hope some of you will realize how it came to be and help your children make sure it never comes again.

For those wishing to stay in touch you can e-mail me at
tylerdurden1961@gmail.com or ask Scot for my direct one he seems to have no problem giving it out.
Goodbye and god bless.