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10-24-2004, 08:18 AM
Photos of this boat (probably one of the original
Palmer Scott's)are found at this website
Additional information about this class is on the class website at www.uswpca.org. (http://www.uswpca.org.) Since there are only about 75 Woodpussys remaining in existence (about a dozen in wood) we're attempting a "renaissance" for this 13'6" (6' beam) Phil Rhodes designed catboat with a Marconi rig.

10-25-2004, 05:12 PM
We'll build a Woodpussy in the Winter/Spring months using Mark Angliss' suggested cold molding method (see the Woodpussy forum page at www.uswpca.com). (http://www.uswpca.com).) This 13' 6" Phil Rhodes design is almost extinct with less than 75-100 remaining. Most are concentrated in 3 fleets; two in NJ,one in MI ( www.clyc.net (http://www.clyc.net) ). Two wooden hulls are slated for restoration on Long Island for 2005.

for the Home-builds we've requested the USWPCA to approve the use of carbon fiber cloth between two layers of 1/8 " cedar or mohogany veneer. The exterior will be clad with lightweight fiberglass to show a "bright" hull, but some may wish to paint the exterior in a favorite color (white?). Mark Angliss',an accomplished 505 sailer and restorer, has offered to build forms and to walk us thru a turn-and-learn. The forms will move from builder to builder for hull consistency. I'll build the first one with help from a prolific WoodenBoat forum contributor on Long Island. We'll complete the job for about $4000, to include rig, trailer and sail. Hours invested will depend on the expertise of the builder.

We'd be interested in your thoughts on this project. Would you like to join us in this effort?