View Full Version : September the stork arrives again... poppy to number 6

Wild Dingo
04-12-2009, 10:36 AM
Yes fathers day this year I become a poppy again for the 6th time.

I thought it would be either Yaz, Melissa or Tiffany if anyone of my 6 girls or at least Bethany or Jacinta (19 and 17 respectively) but no its Brie my youngest daughter who at 15 who will be a mum before she herself is 16... a child having a child :(

Although not happy about it at all its been proven that there is nothing I can say or do about it... its determined and decided by she who will not be named that come what may Brie will have this baby... so all I can do is say nothing but be there if Brie needs her dad.

Brie is a beautiful young girl who through this has only wanted her family back together but due to the way things were at her mothers and finding herself trying to find a way that made sence to her to make her family as it was before... now finds herself pregnant.

Full of life laughter a true charector Brie should be having a wonderful happy childhood but that has and will change for her from here on.

Maybe she will have an easy pregnancy like her mother maybe she will have an easy birthing like her mother... maybe not... all I can do is stand in the wings and hope all goes well for my baby and her baby.

But none the less being a poppy is a truely wonderful thing to be :cool: even if its less than the ideal for my baby girl


Phillip Allen
04-12-2009, 10:55 AM
I have observed time and again that families that go through a parental divorce tend to have the kids rebel at some point...in general, the sooner they display their anger and get it behind them, the better...nothing can be done much except be supportive and they will work it out themselves...you'll be a great grampy...or grumpy as my grand children call me...

looking foward to your visit...this trip will (in the future) help to give those children the best "poppy" anyone could ever want... :)

Wild Dingo
04-12-2009, 11:07 AM
:D yep and ergo why I have to head up there and get back BEFORE September eh! But still plenty of time mate... may even figure a way to get up your way while Im there... just tryin to nut the return from Florida to New York section out and somehow fit the WBS in

I'll do it come hell or high water I will do it!!! might mean a bit of a quick flit through those states where no one has contacted me to stop by but hey thats cool... it will work out mate easy as just gotta get there is all :cool:

mmm thinking maybe if I go inland first down to Florida and back via the coastal route that would work? back to googleywoogly for me I think... damn I hate that thing! give me a paper map any day :mad:

But back to my baby... god I love that girl such a barrel of fun and smiles!! sent Tiff a photo of "the belly" yesty my word shes gonna be flamin HUMUNGUS!! :eek:

Beached whale on pins :p :D