View Full Version : The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

Art Read
04-03-2009, 09:44 PM
A Facebook posting by a fellow "WoodenBoat Forum" member inspired me to revisit the ROMANCE website for the first time in a while. I was somewhat bemused to spot THIS there...

"Eileen Jones called to say hello after hearing from Pat Feeney about the ROMANCE website. Eileen sailed first with Capt. Mike Burke and was transferred to the Yankee where she met Skipper. She joined ROMANCE in 1966, sailed to the Galapagos and also took part in a delivery cruise from California to Miami . She mentioned that Art Read had passed away. Art visited the Windship Way in 2003 when he wrote:
I sailed the winter of 1983-84 with the Romance from their escape from Grenada to the BVIs and all through that's winter's season. Pat Nelson was mate and Lincoln, Doug and I filled out the crew for most of that season. Betsy Bowen visited for a short stint as well. I left to take over as skipper of the Schooner "HINDU" out of Provincetown , MA that May. My first mate that summer, Jefferson Thomas went down and sailed with the Ms. K and Skipper the following winter."

Funny how reading your own "obituary" focuses the mind!


Dave Gray
04-03-2009, 09:56 PM
It is good to know you are still with the living.

The Bigfella
04-04-2009, 02:51 AM
Bit early for the resurection isn't it Art? You could have waited till Easter.

04-04-2009, 07:20 AM
What's the story with your boat at CWB?
...and congrats on still being alive!

S/V Laura Ellen
04-04-2009, 08:17 AM
...She mentioned that Art Read had passed away...

I would definitely get a second opinion, passing away is not good for your health!:D

04-04-2009, 10:43 AM
Now how do we know that you are still alive....this could be one of those "Harry Houdin" things.....