View Full Version : Waterproofing a skin-on-frame boat

11-15-2008, 06:04 PM
I'm considering making a skin-on-frame boat (similar to M. G. Fisk's "Wrinkle Dinkie") and I want to cover it with canvas. My concern is waterproofing the canvas, it needs to be cheap but effective. I've seen various articles and comments about paint, latex or oil-based, being sufficent on it's own with several coats. I've also seen articles suggesting beeswax boiled with linseed oil, or a linseed oil and iron oxide mixture, but I'm not too sure about these for use on a boat. Does anyone know of a reliable waterproofing method that's relatively cheap?

note, where I am people think of a boat shop as a place to get fishing lures, so I don't really have acess to marine-specific products other than than online.

11-15-2008, 06:37 PM
I've built three such kayaks, the first one in 1974, and it still has the original cotton canvas. I've only used exterior oil based 'porch & deck' paint. The last two are painted with $5 a gallon mistint oil based exterior paint from our local paint & wallpaper place. Two good coats does it. With three coats & a careful sanding with a course grit between coats you can get a pretty smooth surface. The 1974 kayak was almost 30 years before it got another coat.