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david green
06-19-2003, 10:15 PM
greetings, i have a 20' trawl dory which also can be thought of as a banks dory. this boat has been out of the water for many years and i'm thinking it'd be nice to adapt a motor well to it. i don't want to use it as a rowing craft and i also have a 20' lowell's sailing surf dory (for my money, the sweetest sailboat ever) so i'm not interested in trying to fix it up for sailing. i don't have great skills with motors so an outboard makes sense; just lift it out and find someone to service it when it needs to be. but in thinking about the well i 'm wondering if the well would cause a large amount of drag by essentially pulling water along as the boat moves forward. i've seen the diagram in gardner's dory book and he doesn't say anything about this issue. so i have a couple questions:
1. is there a way to build the well to eliminate drag? 2.what is the best way to fasten the whole structure together to minimize leaks? 3. is this feasible at all, i mean retrofitting a hole in the boat and expecting the boat to stay on top of the water? any ideas would be welcome.thanks dave green

06-20-2003, 04:41 AM
I dont know what the construction of a trawl dory is, but the wells I have seen have always been installed in either plywood or cold molded style bottoms. A box type structure well epoxied in to place between bulkheads. They can have a drawback if a two stroke outboard is used, in that the oily fumes choke the motor on startup as they come up the well.Careful design could prevent this. Access for a pull start can also be a problem if the electric start doesnt work.
What steering arrangements does your dory have?
A well can be a good solution if well thought out and executed.
Good luck