View Full Version : Ron Paul holds GOP counter-convention

09-03-2008, 11:06 AM
Former 'Libertarian' presidential candidate Ron Paul tells a full house of supporters that Republicans and Democrats are ruining America.

Organizing a counter-convention as Republican delegates are gathering for their national convention in nearby St. Paul, the former presidential candidate spoke to a sold-out crowd at Tuesday's rally in Minneapolis and was greeted by a two-minute standing ovation.

The 30-year veteran of the House of Representatives, who pulled out of the race in June, told the roaring crowd, “I did not want to run people's lives, I did not want to run the economy and I did not want to run the world. I didn't have the authority to do it, and I didn't have the Constitution behind me to do it."

He chastized the current administration for overstepping its boundaries in areas such as foreign policy, education and taxation. The crowd applauded enthusiastically as he suggested that the Federal Reserve System should be scrapped.

Paul, the only 2008 Republican candidate who voted against the Iraq war, told those attending the rally, “Today they want you to believe a patriot supports what government wants."

"A true patriot supports liberty and the people," he added.

The Congressman said he wanted his rally to be a positive event that focused on the issues he thinks other Republicans ignore such as the national deficit, US foreign policy, national defense, and monetary policies. “If a true revolutionary spirit exists in the country, nobody can stop it,” he said.

The Texas-born Congressman and physician withdrew from the campaign to focus on building an organization to recruit "limited government Republicans”. And the campaign marks the official start of Paul's political action group, the Campaign for Liberty.