View Full Version : Looking for a template or dimensions for the Thompson blue rhombus

John Hart
03-25-2004, 10:08 PM
The Thompson nameplate I have on my 1960 Seacoaster is the script Thompson, with the seagull on the left. Evidently, in 1959, Thompson started using the blue rhombus behind the script nameplate.

Does anyone have the dimensions or a good closeup of this, so I create a template and repaint my hull to spec?


03-26-2004, 02:30 AM
Well I know diddly about Thompsons apart from my relatives of the same name. Do you mean the nameplate has been replaced at some time?

When a company changes something like that they use up the old ones, and not always first. Perhaps if you change it 'to spec' then it would no longer be 'original'?

Andreas Jordahl Rhude
03-26-2004, 09:48 AM
What John is looking for is the size/dimensions of the blue painted background that was under the chromed metal Thompson nameplate. They stared using this blue painted rhombus in their 1959 model year boas and continued thru the 1960s. It was a style change. It was literally just painted on the white hullsides of the lapstrake planking near the stern. He has posted the same question at www.thompsondockside.com (http://www.thompsondockside.com) but obviously hasn't received a reply.