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08-20-2008, 07:54 AM
Gedding a rodden told id by head, HELB!!!

Nedd cures!!!

P.I. Stazzer-Newt
08-20-2008, 08:06 AM
Book, Candle and a Bottle of good whisky.

Go to bed, light the candle, read the book and drink the whisky until there are multiple candles.

Put down the book, Blow the candles out - go to sleep.

Not actually a cure - but neither is anything else.

08-20-2008, 08:23 AM
Haymaker's Switchel - Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

08-20-2008, 08:24 AM
Haymaker's Switchel - Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

Haymaker's Switchel

Recipes (http://www.gourmet.org/recipes/) > Beverages (http://www.gourmet.org/recipes/beverages/) > Haymaker's Switchel
http://www.gourmet.org/images/icon_envelope.gif (http://www.gourmet.org/recipes/beverages/haymaker%27s-switchel/#) Send to a Friend (http://www.gourmet.org/recipes/beverages/haymaker%27s-switchel/#) http://www.gourmet.org/images/clear.gif
The Gourmet Kitchen offers an extensive recipe collection including Beverages recipes. Use The Gourmet Kitchen and you'll never run out of recipe ideas again! Below is a recipe for Haymaker's Switchel...enjoy!
http://www.gourmet.org/images/clear.gif 1 c Brown sugar
1/2 ts Ginger
1/2 c Molasses
3/4 c Vinegar
2 qt Water
In haying season, farmers used to take their "nooning" (midday dinner) with them, including a jug of Switchel to wash the meal down. Although Switchel was usually straight, farmers have been known to spike it with hard cider, or even brandy which Down easters usd to say, "got the hay in the barn in half the time." Mix together, add ice and chill.

08-20-2008, 10:54 AM
I swear by chicken soup, if it doesn't actually help, it sure makes things feel better.
But not just any chicken soup,

optional- start with some good chicken stock (homemade- a few chicken frames and vege off cuts boiled for a few hours)

1 organic free range chook (must be organic/free range)- whole or chopped into 1/4's/
two large onions, sliced chunky,
one-two whole bunches of garlic- peeled and roughly chunked or just squashed,
a handfull of whole dried or fresh chilli- cracked or sliced open but whole,
a good handfull of slabs of good fresh ginger (chili and ginger are removed as you eat)
one or two large niccola or other long cooking potato, cubed,
a couple of carrots cubed,
a couple of red ripe capsicum cubed,
a tiny bit of celery if you want, cubed, also optional a couple of fresh tomatoes.
Salt, a little white pepper, a couple of bay leaves.
Chicken stock, or water (and stock cube) to cover ingretients-

(trick is not to put too many veges in- it should be chicken, and flavour, with a little touch of vege, not the other way around)

Then, cook it long and slow, simmering at its hottest, salt to tast, and once the chicken is falling apart, serve yourself a big bowl, a pinch of sea salt, and squeeze half a lemon into it.

(just be brutal with it, everything is rough chopped, and chunky- kitchen prep should take about 10 mins all up, slap it in the pot, turn it on lowest, then you just sit back, sip on hot totties all afternoon and wait;))

One decent pot should last at least two days of meals.
The ginger and fresh lemon is obviously awesome, the chilli gets you sweating a little, and your sick body is screaming in thanks for the good quality chicken broth.
It is medicine of the most enjoyable type.
If there is one thing good about my partner and I getting sick- its the chicken soups I brew up.

08-20-2008, 11:05 AM
There is no cure for the common cold!

It was once suggested to me that at the first sign of a cold, sit in a tub full of ice and get pneumonia which is curable.

I myself don't recommend this.

08-20-2008, 11:08 AM
I had actually heard many years ago that a good dose of acid (LSD) was the only proven cure for a common cold.
I think we might have even proven the theory once, though of course... I can't be exactly sure about that:D

Nowadays, I just prefer chicken soup.

George Roberts
08-20-2008, 11:46 AM
An anti-viral might help.

08-20-2008, 11:51 AM
A cold untreated lasts for a whole week.

A cold treated lasts for only seven days.



ron ll
08-20-2008, 12:05 PM
A cold is simply the side affects of the cure for the virus.

I actually saw an ad for a pill for insomnia that listed one of the side affects as "...may cause sleeplessness."

Captain Blight
08-20-2008, 04:37 PM
Equal parts chili powder and ground ginger

into 2 TB honey
2 TB hot sauce (Tabasco or hotter, don't futz around)
4 Tb vinegar

Stir into a smooth paste and spoon it all down. It's not nearly as bad as it sounds, kind of like a hot/sweet/sour sauce with real hair on it. Your nose will run like crazy and you might blow a little steam out of your ears but you will breathe easier and it's a cough suppressant too. I use this on the boat when I've run out of NyQuil.

08-20-2008, 04:53 PM
Haymaker's Switchel is close to what I was given in WA years ago. Haven't had a cold since!

BTW doorstop, look at PM's

08-20-2008, 06:30 PM
Good gravy! Seems the cure may be worse than the disease.. The cooking thing? Don't have time or inclination, gotta go to Melboring in the morning for my youngests graduation. I was just hoping that spmeone might just might have suddenly struck on the cure for the common cold... seems I am outa luck. Bugger! Mind you, Switchel with brandy seems interesting. ;)

Jeff, will see you Sunday mate.

08-20-2008, 06:38 PM
For a head cold ya gotta soak your feet in a tub of hot water....so for cold feet maybe ya gotta soak your head in a tub of hot water....how long can ya hold your breath?

08-20-2008, 06:40 PM
Chuck, maaate, you tellin' me to go soak my head?

08-20-2008, 06:49 PM
It only works if'n ya try it.......

08-20-2008, 07:10 PM
Hmm Chuck, how hot should the water be? How about mustard plasters, or leeches? Maybe he needs to be bled?
Any more grandma's cures? How about garlic.............. no, that's for vampires isn't it?

08-20-2008, 08:27 PM
mmmmm Bleeding.......we haven't done that one lately, have we.....but we'll need a silver knife.....and the lychees must be fresh, in light syrup, slightly chilled......

08-20-2008, 08:36 PM
Must be a different species chuck........Ours are small and black or big striped bu**ers. As for keeping them on ice?

Duncan Gibbs
08-20-2008, 08:49 PM
I'll call "BINGO" at this point: Week and a half into my newly employed life and I feel like death warmed up. Rest, rest and more rest. Vitamin C, echinacea, lots of fluid. I'm going to try a whip up a chicken and sweet corn soup later... Cooking is the last thing on my mind. Wish my beloved was 'ere... Still on reserve in Sydney. :(

BTW the job is good, great crew, meaty projects, time flys, hard getting up early and there's a gawd-dang cold epidemic! :mad:

Oh well!...

Duncan Gibbs
08-20-2008, 08:51 PM
Beethoven's Pastoral playing on the wireless... Still a lucky sod compared to most! :)

08-20-2008, 08:57 PM
"chicken and sweet corn soup later"

Ah, jewish penicillin! Shoulda thought of that before. I'm like my father, don't get colds only synus from a dust allergy.

The Bigfella
08-20-2008, 09:06 PM
Kerrist Dunc - a week and a half and you're already taking sickies? Get back to work you bludger.

Duncan Gibbs
08-20-2008, 09:21 PM
"Christ Dunc!" Hmmm I like the sound of that! :D

Ian, you've gotta put on your management cap here... Considering that 20% of the office has gone down with this bug, it's not a sound decision to go back to the office, be unproductive and infect others so they are, in turn, unproductive. Haven't you ever done cost comparisons? :p

08-20-2008, 09:27 PM
My buddy's famous Jamaican hellfire chicken soup. Anything that's clogged will be down river in short order. He claims it's the Scotch Bonnet Peppers that no virus or infection will tolerate. Even with the tears streaming down your face, it tastes too good to stop eating it.

The Bigfella
08-20-2008, 09:52 PM
"Christ Dunc!" Hmmm I like the sound of that! :D

Ian, you've gotta put on your management cap here... Considering that 20% of the office has gone down with this bug, it's not a sound decision to go back to the office, be unproductive and infect others so they are, in turn, unproductive. Haven't you ever done cost comparisons? :p

.. and I've had staff lodge a formal complaint against another staff member for coming into the office with a cold.

08-21-2008, 06:28 AM
Down at the bottom of the hill where I went to college, there was an Indian restaurant, owned by one of the biology profs. The food ranged from medium hot to smokin', with the predictable result that most of the students wouldn't eat there, preferring the bland slop foisted on them by the dining hall.
One fine evening, suffering from a good headcold (such as is being discussed here) I went there for dinner, figuring that if I couldn't taste anything, at least the burn would be fun. Two bites into the soup course, there was a loud gurgle, my sinuses drained and the cold died. For the next 3 years, any cold was treated with a dose of soup, the spicier and more aromatic, the better. Wasabi seems almost as good...