View Full Version : The Ace of Spades!!

Captain Blight
08-15-2008, 12:04 PM
Mötorhead's coming to town! I just got tickets online!!


08-15-2008, 02:57 PM
Dude... Motorhead canceled Seattle shows again and again over the years. Finally they were going to play a big show at the colloseum(Key Arena for the nubes), but decided that the hardcore crowd of Seattle would find a way in to see them at a much smaller venue. Their security was seriously lacking and a friend of mine was working the door. Lemi said he wouldnt go on without a big bodygaurd escort off the bus, through the crowd and up onto the tiny stage. Well, luckily for me I had my ex-football pal with me and had him part the sea(I'm no little guy either). While Lemi and I talked about German artillary of all things. After the show their manager wouldnt let anyone on the bus until Lemi saw it was me from before the show. He not only remembere my full name and called me by it, he invited me and my buddy on for hours of good old drinking with just the band and their long time sound man. They never sign autographs for people, but Lemi went and got some unused tickets for that evenings show and had the whole band sign them for me. I then had the soundman sign it too since what I was getting from the whole vibe of the thing was that he was a real unsung part of FREAKING MOTORHEAD! He was very happy to do it and the rest of MOTORHEAD thought that was cool too.

The thing I thought was funny about the evening on the bus after the show, was that it wasnt conversation about shows or partying or even music. We talked world history mostly. Lemmi's a real smart guy. They invited me to come with them that night on the bus to Portland, but I had some serious stuff to attend to. And I did stay in email contact for a couple weeks after too. I'd love to rage with them once again some day. Great guys. Hardcore fooking band too!

Have fun man.