View Full Version : Site gone bad

08-06-2008, 09:23 AM
A site that list local want ads (not going to mention the name because last time I did the thread got yanked by the adminstrator) has had some issues with dealers overposting/spam. It had gotten to the point that dealers were posting as much or more than 6 times a day on the same list of cars and about 15 cars at a time.

Their ads would get flagged and removed and than it was almost like a flame war here. Somebody would post an ad saying flag dealers and the dealers would post an ad saying you stupid rednecks can't stop us.

This was going back and forth with dealers and buyers flaming each other with ads and dealers way overposting. It started to get on my nerves and I had e-mailed the site owner asking them to start blocking people.

I noticted yesterday that the ads were starting to be listed with a link out beside them for dealers and private owners. Each ad had a link beside it. If you clicked on the link it showed either nothing but dealer ads or owner ads. This is not a good solution either.

I did notice today thought that those links are gone and so is all of Tuesday's ads.

A few bad apples are about to kill the site in Chattanooga I am afraid.