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08-06-2008, 12:47 AM
The Origami Boulder Company (http://www.origamiboulder.com/)



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Welcome to wadded paper site!

My domain OrigamiBoulder.com, but most people too stupid to understand, so I explain now at beginning.

Origami, is Japanese art of folding paper. Boulder is round rock. Origami Boulder is wadded up paper! You understand now, dumbo? Then hurry up and buy wadded paper! You see picture at top of site don't you?

This site about origami boulder very fine wadded paper artwork. I make artwork for you and you buy it now. I am famous Internet artist. You find my site didn't you?

Site is real. You order and you really get origami boulder artwork with special card to display at your home or workplace. Make good unforgettable gift for friends!

You buy wadded paper boulder and keep it. Or send many to your friends as very nice gift that no one ever forget! I include special card with every order that explain work of art.

You buy 20, I send you free extra one with special message from me!
Hurry up and order now!

I send you wadded paper with Priority Mail. It is fast with nice free box from Post Office.

Post office worker tell me, "Don't take so many free boxes! You must order them online from USPS! Other customers mad when you take them all!" I laugh and yell, "It says free, bureaucrat!! What you expect, dumb dumb?"

Update!!!! Wall Street Journal article on 5/29/02 say that Priority Mail is ripoff and doesn't arrive faster than First Class mail. This is outrage from post office lazy people. I complain today at post office and they laugh and pretend article isn't true. Who you believe, slow postman or Wall Street Journal? Now maybe I buy special boxes and send First Class instead of wasting money on Priority Mail. I make most efficient decision for customer benefit.

My friend is graphic designer for big company. She design page for me because FrontPage too hard for wadded paper artist!

I change design and she send email that says, "you've ruined my beautiful site!!! :O( what in the hell is up with origami boulder?!?!?!?!"

I tell her, "You designer, not site owner! I change whatever I like. You get paid, didn't you? Then go away now!!!" Her design have too many pages and Jakob Nielsen say Internet people too lazy to click so I make everything one page.

Now I answer question so you stop bothering me with stupid email to:


The Bigfella
08-06-2008, 12:55 AM
Excellent. Can we organise a group buy?