View Full Version : Fifie Stern arrangement

08-04-2008, 01:31 PM
Finally got Pansy out o the water at the weekend for a scrub and a once over. She is really in remarkable condition below the water line, nothing amiss apart from the odd inch or 2 of loose putty in a couple of seams.

one of the reasons for the haul out was also to have a look at how she's propped as we're pretty convinced its all just plain wrong

for what its worth, 120hp ford engine (rated 2700rpm) 1.5:1 box, 22" prop on a 2 " shaft, max revs we get is about 1600 and average 6 or 7 knots tops

now its possible that it might not just be the prop/box that is slowing her down and making her thirsty. I'll try and describe the set up, so forgive me if the terminology goes a bit wonky!

immediately astern of the prop is a large steel upright section between the keel and the outrigger over the prop cutout, the rudder isn't hung on this, its pinned at the keel and and on the outrigger above. Maybe it was put there as support for the outrigger??

I would of thought there would be nothing between the prop and the rudder, save perhaps a deadwood of some sort?

this steel upright is about 6" across, so I imagine it is going to deflect a large amount of the thrust from the prop sideways??

plus it explains why steering is a bit sluggish as the rudder has to move a good 15 to 20 degrees before its starts to clear the slipstream caused by this upright

should it actually be there??

the builder that looked at it reckon not, although he has plenty of experience with fishing boats of this type he's never worked on anything zulu or fifie ish, the nearest he gets is large Cobles

just wondering if anyone has any experience of this?? could it be removed perhaps? its certainly not original, or maybe replace it with something that is narrower, say the same width as the rudder

My limited knowledge suggest that if it were gone, or slimmed down considerably, the thrust from the prop would increas a great deal, helping with top speed and fuel economy and steering would be a lot better as well, or am I barking up the wrong tree!

will try find a picture to illustrate what I'm probably not describing very well!