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Errol Bristow
08-12-2002, 08:39 AM
I have a 50 year old 32' plank yacht built from a local timber called Jarrah. I would like to install laid timber flooring in the cockpit and cabin.

Can any one point me in the right direction. It has glass over marine ply in the cockpit and marine ply in the cabin. Are ther any books, web pages dealing with laid decks.


Errol Bristow

Adam C
08-12-2002, 11:06 AM
Our wonderful hosts have a two part series that was written in Woodenboat I think in January or February spanning two isues. This deals with laid decks on deck beams in the traditional manner.

Last month's issue has a small piece on a cockpit sole renovation using veneer, which is probably more like what you're after.

Also try the Gougeon Bros. book on all things Googe.

Bob Cleek
08-12-2002, 09:59 PM
Well, you lay decks, among other things, but you don't lay cockpit or cabin soles. Cockpit bottoms, generally, have some provision for opening them up to gain access to the stern bearing and so on. If the present cockput arrangement (self-draining?) works well, then leave it as is. Build a nice grating that you can drop into the cockpit well. That is the customary way of solving the problem. If it needs solid surfacing, you can "veneer" it with half or three quarter inch teak quarter sawn strips, screwed down and payed with a good polysulfide compound.

As for cabin soles, they are also not laid, in the same sense as decks. They must be readily suitable for pulling up to gain access to the bilges. Therefore, simply take 3/4 teak strips and edge glue these to make planks with finger holes in them for lifting and use these to replace the planking now in place. If you want to get really fancy below, you can alternate the 2" teak strips with 1/4" holly or other hard, white wood strips (or inlay these in a rabet) to get a "teak and holly" sole.

Neither application you describe is served by "laying a deck" in the manner the decks of a boat are "laid."

08-14-2002, 05:10 AM
Errol, cockpits seem to gather a lot of dirt, lint, hair, chips, foil, bits of paper and other crud and scunge...even after being at sea for some time so its a good idea to have a surface that will clean well and quickly. Natural timber on the cockpit floor would also stay moist/wet for a high proportion of the time you are onboard and you will surely get sick of wet feet after awhile. So as previously suggested and as we are about to do...glass over the cockpit floor and lay in a nice grating which keeps your feet out of the water, will dry quickly and facilitates cleaning. Our grating will be made up in natural White Beech.
As to the cabin sole we shall be making up our hatches in ply and then laying them up in Spurwood (dark durable and very hard species) alternating with wider laminates of White Beech. The Spurwood is cut to be just an "inth" higher than the White Beech. This gives a measure of non skid which is also not hard on the feet. We didn't have any problems with water on the floor even though it was varnished. It looks real pretty too!
Hope this helps.

PS Iv'e got some friends making their way down the West coast at the moment...where are you located exactly?

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Wild Dingo
08-16-2002, 06:22 AM
Now THAT is a good question Bernadette!! From a fellow West Aussie {and here I thought I was the lone sandgroper too! :eek: } Welcome Errol! :cool:

Okay thanks to Errol passing along the following photo of "Fair Maid" to TonyH and him to myself... I have now the pleasure of presenting as yet unknown design... "Built 1953 of 1.25 inch jarrah planking"... for all to enjoy...


As more come available I will gladly post them here! :cool: ...And of course if I'm invited aboard I will surely post even more!! :D

What design is she?...Did you build her yourself? Dad? Uncle? Mate?... Bought second hand and restoring?... aside from the her age and the jarrah what more can you enlighten us with??

You will find that were a helpful bunch and heck some of us even know what were talking about!! :cool: well okay maybe some of us dont but that never stopped us! :rolleyes:

Take it easy

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Errol Bristow
08-17-2002, 10:35 AM
Sorry Guys (and Shane) The boat is a Cox 32. I belive it was built in Cottesloe, Western Australia, but I'm not realy sure about that. I have owned her for 3.5 years and go sailing regularly. She had a hull up restoration in 1994 and is still in reasonable condition. I plan to take her out of the water in January and do a refit. I was hoping to do it in July when I had holidays but it was too wet. I would post more photo's but I have'nt sorted that bit out yet.

I have her in a pen at Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Errol Bristow

Wild Dingo
08-17-2002, 12:10 PM
Done and sorted Errol... posted links to photos in design section... you have email! :D

Take it easy