View Full Version : Good service

06-21-2008, 08:56 AM
Had the car in for service on Thursday. With time to kill I wandered over to what they call the Annex, where less desirable autos go for sale and where I bought this Corolla. I was looking for the guy who sold me the car and who went to bat for me when the motor turned grim. He had a day off, but I chatted with his partner in crime.

Unlike many auto sales places, this place is honest as the day is long. In talking to the fellow I mentioned how they had treated me very fairly, and he brought up that a block of motors had been badly made, soft bores, and my original motor was one of them. The company, even though it was a shytkicker Corolla saw that my claims were just and put in a used motor and gave me a rental for a couple days, all no charge.

It renewed my faith in humanity. I didn't have to make any fuss to get that motor changed out. Yep, ya got a bad one and we'll make it right. It was way out of the thirty day warranty, but they didn't blink.

We're not supposed to give commercial plugs here, but if you're ever in Bangor with a wonky Japanese car, I'd look up Down East Toyota.