View Full Version : McCain swears to protect and defend the so-called, quote, "Constitution"

Osborne Russell
06-18-2008, 11:31 AM
Here’s something substantive involved in the upcoming Presidential election, if you’re tastes run that way.

His patchouli-drenched dreadlocks flopped over his head like so many lengths of tarred ratline, far-left-wing commentator George Will socks it to McCain, and by extension, the milling throngs of bewildered Chimpadoodles trying to figure out, now the eight years are up, what they’re going to do without someone making things simple for them:

McCain, co-author of the McCain-Feingold law that abridges the right of free political speech, has referred disparagingly to, as he puts it, “quote `First Amendment rights.’” Now he dismissively speaks of “so-called, quote, `habeas corpus suits.’” He who wants to reassure constitutionalist conservatives that the understands the importance of limited government should be reminded why the habeas right has long been known as “the great writ of liberty.”

(emphasis added)

Duh, what’s a constitutionalist conservative? I dunno, but you can bet they’re elitists, ‘cause we don’t know who they are. That means they’re liberals. Get it? Here’s some more:

As the conservative and libertarian Cato Institute argued in its amicus brief in support of the petitioning detainees, habeas, in the context of U.S. constitutional law, “is a separation of powers principle” involving the judicial and executive branches. The latter cannot be the only judge of its own judgment.”

(emphasis added)

I don't get it. Isn't the President entrusted to protect the nation? Isn't that why we voted him in?

Tom Montgomery
06-18-2008, 11:37 AM
Protect the nation? Well, prior to 9/11 the primary responsibility of the US President was to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution.

Of course, as Dubya has stated so often, everything changed on 9/11. The Constitution inhibits his ability to protect us. As Dubya has publicly remarked three times, it would be easier if he were dictator.

06-18-2008, 02:50 PM
Well I get it, and I get it just fine.. McCain wants to reassure the other half of the republican party ( the constituional half) that he won't abuse his powers as georgy and cheeney did..
And that he really is a republican, not a liberal democrat in disguise.
Or what also can be deemed as a turn coat and weasel, he is following in clinton's footsteps, say what ever the majority wants to hear to be voted in..

All our so called leaders in washington have a duty to uphold and govern as set forth by the constitution.9/11 changed nothing, except some power hungry morons thinking it gave them the right to do as they will.

Untill the voting public starts holding these people's feet to the fire and replacing them, instead of constntly voting them back in, and allowing them to laugh at america while their bank accounts are bulging, we will have disshonest clowns, because it is just too easy..
The fastest and easiest buck they ever made..

They are weaselling around the constitution calling it needed security and just a political interpatation. B.S. is more like it..

The liberal left tried to oust the 2nd amendment right of gun ownership, not the far right wants to, well oust most of the rest of it..

Osborne Russell
06-18-2008, 03:22 PM
The liberal left tried to oust the 2nd amendment right of gun ownership, not the far right wants to, well oust most of the rest of it..

Interesting comparison.

1. Gun control doesn't work as well as global war on terror because it alienates as many or more people as it attracts.

2. Democrats aren't nearly as good at selling fear, even if they pick the right fear to sell.

06-18-2008, 03:34 PM
pick the right fear to sell.

Maybe we should fear ourselves the most..

06-18-2008, 03:54 PM
And for those that don't agree with or want to oust the 2nd amendment, well it is a right that was deemed as essential by our founding fathers. The same as the right to freedom of religion, speech, press, due process and all these other silly things that where deemed essential in forming a free society.

So mccain the weasell is just trying to reassure those that, hey I am one of you alls, and will not do do like b&c did...
Soo vote for me and make me pres, my mom would appreciate it..