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06-16-2008, 04:42 PM
The Beijing games a shaping up as a showcase example of serious weirdness.
Two items for your perusal....


Standard heavy handedness

The dirty tricks have already started as hosts China play the roll of bully in the build-up to the Olympics' rowing regatta on the outskirts of Beijing.
New Zealand officials have had their plans to base their champion team in a hotel near the Shunyi Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Park snuffed out by Olympic organisers.
Sunday News understands Rowing NZ had paid out nearly $110,000 in accommodation fees so the team could stay in a local hotel. Team bosses were concerned the daily 60-minute round trip from the athlete's village to the rowing and canoeing venue would be too taxing for their athletes.
The venue is the furthest away from the Olympic Village than any of Beijing's 31 designated Games' sites.
At least three other countries had been booked into the hotel but recently all of the teams were told their bookings had been cancelled.
The other federations involved include Great Britain, Italy and France.
It is understood the Chinese team has now booked out the entire hotelhttp://www.theage.com.au/national/china-dismayed-at-australias-smog-boycott-20080616-2rnp.html?page=-1

The 'blue sky days' angle......just click on the link above to read what China has been doing to try to clean up the local environment.
And think "Hmmm, if they can do this for the Olympics, why couldn't they sign the Kyoto treaty?"

OLYMPIC authorities in China have expressed dismay at a decision by Australia to keep its entire track and field team away from the Games opening ceremony due to concerns about exposure to dirty Beijing air.
Under a directive from Athletics Australia, track and field team members will remain at their base in Hong Kong during the opening ceremony while preparing for their events in the second week of the Games.
Although many international athletes have made individual decisions to avoid the opening ceremony, Australia's plan to keep an entire squad away will be of more concern to Beijing authorities keen to conduct a successful Olympics.
The Australian decision comes despite drastic efforts by the Chinese to clean up the air and avoid an environmental boycott of the Games.
"Wow, you're kidding," said Jeff Ruffolo, spokesman for the Beijing Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, on hearing the news yesterday from The Age. "That's the first time we've heard anything about a large group of athletes pulling out of the opening ceremony," he said.
I wonder how far down the alphabet the opening ceremony parade will start.