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06-16-2008, 12:16 PM
I had posted this upstairs but sometimes I wonder if it needs to be upstairs since it is plastic and besides I thought some of you guys might want a status update.

After a long time on the cradle and a long day Saturday, the Balboa 20 is back on the trailer. I can now finish painting the hull and start on the topsides.

Here are a few photos with some explanation.

Thsi first photo is from when I first started on this road. I'm posting this so that you have a reference to look at the trailer modifications. Noticite the bunks up at the bow. In this photo you can't really see how poor the rear bunks are. They were built up of a couple of layers of 2x's with the last one just wedge in.


The next photo is up in the cradle in which she was sitting for a while, while I worked on her.


This next photo has two things going on. The first thing you may noticte is the new angle (the one with numbers written on it) welded across the cross members. This was to raise the front roller up to the hull. The fore bunks were kind of hapahazerdly built and collasped, so I raised the fore roller by adding this ange.

The second thing this photo shows is some reinforcing to the central support for the trailer. There was a weak point where everything came together and we added an angle on each side to add some stiffness.


This next shot is of the rear bunks. We used angles to raise the bunks up to the bottom of the boat with a diagonal kicker back to the cross member.


The last shot here is just an overall of the whole project.


Wanted to add real quick that I also add a new winch on the front of the trailer. Also I've pulled the winch tower forward on the traielr so the boat sits more toward the front of the trailer. Before the boat was almost perfectly balanced over the trailer wheels. Now there is a little more tounge weight. I may move the winch tower forward some more. Once you get the tounge of the trailer off the ground about 36" you are holding it down instead of picking it up.

Another note we had to take one wheel off of the trailer to get it under the boat and build the bunks. Once the bunks were built we jacked up the trailer and boat and put the wheel back on.