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Jimmy Page
05-08-2003, 01:53 AM
I will be building a Zephyr very soon and have a few unanswered questions. The plan I am using is the original plan by William D. Jackson that was printed in Science and Mechanics magazine (Craft Print No. 287). There is scant mention of it anywhere. Compared to some other boats, I like the 125 square feet of sail area driving a 165 Lb (no displacement rating given) boat of 14’ in length. This boat is (was) suitable for the 14’ International Dinghy Class. Certainly this class has evolved with its sparred sails, asymmetric spinnakers and double trapezes. Anyways:

1. Has anyone built this boat or currently own one? General comments will be read with GREAT interest.

2. Framing is to be done (per the instructions) with spruce, hemlock or fir. Having read other forum postings first, is there a vote for using Norway spruce (instead of $$ Sitka) for the cross-sectional frames? My hardwood supplies are unlimited, but I don’t have Douglas or Sitka readily available.

3. Are there suggested building modifications for a 14’ dinghy when the sailors are 6'3" tall? Some other dinghy boats appear to have a slight boom angle.

I will be using black locust for the top board across the transom frame, keel, chines and maybe the seat risers, battens and stem. The original plans call for oak on the keel and chines, but black locust is naturally more rot resistant and just as strong.

In an unrelated topic, I have read the postings that speak of the acceptable mechanical properties of certain woods such and hemlock and ash, but their comparatively lower rot resistance than Douglas and White Oak. There seems to be the possibility of home-treating some of these woods with ethylene glycol and/or boric acid with borax. I would be curious if hemlock (for example), treated with a boric acid/borax solution, which was then re-dried, would be desireable for boats.

Thank you all.

Dave R
05-08-2003, 08:01 AM
I'm going to be no help but for those not familiar with it, here's the Zephyr:
http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TwDjAvEYaPmxukRDFEEBXcqrA!TIiDHz9J0thGORAhHwyNfPS gisjSDGC530miGyHw0qDwGwfhBqU7J3b!ypE2LHiwbu0TgyPZu UpV6rS*hR0TU9*uhC2Q/zephyr1.GIF
Hopefully the picture works.