View Full Version : plywood identification

02-25-2002, 12:28 PM
Has anyone had any experience with a plywood labeled Amesclao XVC.Is it assembled with waterproof adhesives? Does it have good rot resistance? A good plywood for superstructure?

02-25-2002, 09:37 PM
Hi: I'm also known as Jim:

I've had the plywood id probelm before. I can not comment the brand you mention.

My best advise is to buy one sheet, and make some interior stuff. Let the scraps soak in a bucket or in a mud puddle, lake, stream or gulf where where you might birth your boat.....and see what happens and how fast.

You could have found some nice stuff there, even if it is not rated for marine use.

If your intended use is for bulkheads or hull planking that will stay wet, get some stuff rated for marine use....or be a gunie pig and experiment.