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06-15-2003, 10:34 AM
The link to some earlier pictures is:


Now please ignore the rifles, this is from my past life.

The specs for the boat,

LOD 16m about 55ft (I think)
LWL 15m
LOA 21m
Displacement 22tons
Beam only 3.6m (12ft)
draft 1.8m (6ft)
steel hull, hard chine, strongly built for possible trip to antarktika
rigg gaff schooner, but we are at the moment making a second set of sails that will be a hybrid of junk and gaff, it attaches to the mast like gaff but is controlled like a junk and has battens.
sail cloth duradon and other traditional looking and feeling rip-stop polyester
engine 4 cyl 80hp 3.8liter aircooled Deutz with 2:1 Paragon gear box
sail area only 120sqm (about 1300sqft)
hull is essentially a symmetrical double ender under water but has a poopdeck and a pilot house with double bunk.
sterntube runs in oilbath, has spherical roller bearing to over come alignment problems due to distortion from welding and both inner and outer bearing and seals can be replaced under water (I hope) and a conventional cutlass and stuffing box can be fitted into the same system with out further ado.
The boat has a cargo space to hold 8 diesel drums or about 9cubic meter volume, a workshop with a lathe/mill/drill (these small Taiwanese jobs)
I will carry my forge with me (I am a hobby smith)
All back rests in the boat can be folded up to make shelves when I carry cargo for trading.
there is a big galley with the stove facing forward and an office/electronic workshop with oscilloscope (I can etch PC-boards on the boat)
The hull has stand-off pipes closed by a flange housing the two sensors for speed and depth, so even in the event that a transducer get squashed, the boat will take no water only the 200mm pipe will be filled below the flange.
Living in a poor country, nothing is available and I have to make my own blocks, belay pins, sheaves, anchors, mast and gas stove.

Oh yes the pictures are more than a year old, I have a wife now and the boat is a lot more tidy inside, but there is also a lot more "stuff"

Well everything has its price, and she is very well worth it. :))), she has also a list of 50 odd changes she wants in the boat. (all wood work)

This week, we were busy making one more gaff sail and I was designing some electronics for:

an automatic sprouter to grow things and green like worms

a pump circuit for delivering only a small amount of water (preset)

a gas sensor cct for co and explosive gases

water-in-diesel alarm

over/under voltage alarm

central alarm system with different tones for different emergencies (water-in-diesel the most serious)

a interface for the pc to receive weather fax (sounds more complicated as it is, the details come from the internet)

working on a desulfator to keep batteries healthy

What have I forgotten?

Oh yes, the specification for the dog. As you can see from the picture, he is a "smooth-haired Namibian navy giant" specially bred for "low centre of gravity on Namibian sailing ships"

There curently only three of his breed, the Pope has one, the British Queen has one and of course I have my Billy (full Name: William of Brakwater Esq)

regards ongolo

06-15-2003, 01:54 PM
A seaworthy looking craft there.

Even some wood on the insides.

Best of luck.


06-15-2003, 05:13 PM
Thanks Howard,

Some wood?

Most of it is Iroko.

What is your project?

regards ongolo

06-15-2003, 10:03 PM

Still kicking tires whilst trying to get all of the house renovations done.

Will probably go for either a pontoon boat of some description or a dory.

Very shallow draft with load carrying capability being the issue.



imported_Steven Bauer
06-15-2003, 11:44 PM
Ongolo, great project! Where are you taking her when she's finished?

06-16-2003, 12:15 AM
Hi Steven:

Not sure yet, but probably along the lines "I do as I like, when I like it and where I like it"

No specific plans, but I like to ride motor cycle in the Andes from Chile.

But actually, I will probably hang around the African coast and Indian ocean.
Angola first, totally virgin ground for diving and finding wrecks. Also one of two places in the world where a cold and a warm current run head on head into each other and the plankton feeding fish in the cold current spilling the abundance of said fish into the warm current where plenty of big fish waiting to eat the little ones.

Further past the South African coast, Mocambique, Tanzania, Zansibar, Madagascar, Seychelles and Chaco archipelo.

The Africas east coast is similar to the Caribean, but minus tourist industry and all the freedom (and chaos) which you only find in Africa.

An old t-shirt buys you a bucket of prawns/lobsters abalone or fish. An empty 2 liter Coke bottle or a shine picture from a magazine will do the same.

Yachties have been offered to manage whole Islands on the Seychelles, where a good meals is about US$0.33 to 0.5. No joke and medical and dental is FREE. But believe me Paradise (which it essentially is) is not for everyone.

We humans developed essentially through hardship.

Regards Ongolo

06-16-2003, 12:56 AM
The rifles are still on board I figure.Same with motorcycling through the Andes.They are a must I'm sure,just to make sure you are speaking the same language.Happy and safe adventures .Give us updates on your adventures. :D

Bruce Taylor
06-16-2003, 08:32 AM
Amazing project, Ongolo...staggering, in fact. You should compare notes with Paladin...you guys might have a lot in common, between rifles and printed circuit boards.

When do you launch?

Bruce Hooke
06-16-2003, 10:43 AM
Wow, that's a serious boat you've got there, but then those are serious waters you are messing around in. I spent some time travelling around Namibia and South Africa back in the early 90's. It is a beautiful part of the world but the sailing there is not for the faint of heart! If I remember correctly, Namibia has basically two ports -- Walvis Bay and Luderitz -- and otherwise the coastline is pretty much 1800 km of sand, with no shelter and few landmarks to guide the mariner. I walked around the RCYC in Cape Town and saw in impressive collection of offshore yachts...

06-16-2003, 10:22 PM
Bruce & Bruce,

Thanks guys, I am in Walvis Bay at about 22 south and 15 east in case someone tries to find it on a Map. Now who is Paladin?

regards Ongolo

06-16-2003, 10:55 PM
Hi, I'm sort of new here so I can't say who what where is Paladin but he had posted on the ..go ahead and laugh site. I dragged his recent post over here (there available in all of our post on top.Click on the "?" for profile)I would figure he's an adventurer such as yourself.Maybe some one will have some specific stories to tell.

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06-17-2003, 06:56 AM
If I remember correctly, at last count Paladin has done three solo circumnavigations (at least one in a boat he built himself). -Maybe this will drag him out to correct my errors. :D

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06-18-2003, 12:10 AM
Hi Ladies an Gentlemen,

I have a few earlier pictures here to amuse my esteemed friends about metal boat building.

One picture shows the parts I made for my handmade compass. Then I obtained 2 electronic and 2 magnetic compasses.

However, one day I will finish it, if not for my boat, then for some real classic who deserves the best. I am very proud of my compass. Working with brass or bronze is very satisfying.

Here the link to boat building at an altitude of 5000ft and 400km from the coast.

regards Ongolo


06-18-2003, 12:35 AM
Hi Ongolo,It seems the pictures did not come up,some sort of yahoo message instead.What most of us do is to right click on your picture in it's album and left click on the properties and drag over them till all of the message is blue then right click and left click on copy .When you post a reply look below the screen and click on the image block then paiste the copied info in there and the picture will post automatically when it's opened.It saves the trouble of having to go chasing the pics.you can check your post by clicking preview post.It may have been told earlier and clearer but it's getting late and things are getting blurry for one reason or another.Good luck and thanks for your input.Dan L.

Dale R. Hamilton
06-18-2003, 11:04 AM
Ongolo- I'm really impressed with your boat and everything you told us about Africa and coast, But what about security? Today's breaking news on the war in the Congo- thousands murdered across Africa, bodies buried, last week even reports of one tribe eating the hearts of their murdered adversaries. The last of the worlds' true pirates cruise these waters. Life is cheap- female children are worthless, pubescent girls are mutilated, AIDs is uncontrolled because nobody bothers to practice any birth control, and sexual morays are nonexistant. And you are painting an idylic picture of cruising from one delightful isle to another. Being alone on the boat would be dangerous- but to have a new wife onboard seems foolhardy. How do you protect yourselves? Sorry if this seems a rant- it is.

Bruce Hooke
06-18-2003, 11:32 AM
Dave - I will let Ongolo speak for himself, but I have to just jump in here to say that when I was in Namibia, South Africa and Lesotho a few years ago I felt quite safe. Certainly the situation has deteriorated a bit in South Africa since then -- their rape rate is among the highest in the world -- but overall the areas Ongolo mentions do not stike me especially dangerous from a personal safety perspective (with the possible exception of Angola -- I'm not that up to date on how well things are settling down there after the years of fighting that overran that country). Are you maybe confusing bad reports from a few areas with the overall conditions on the continent? It's a long way from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, and Cote d'Ivoire to the coast of southern Africa.

Dale R. Hamilton
06-18-2003, 01:17 PM
That was of course a generalization- perhaps unfair at that. But as I get older, personal security becomes more important- and I would err on that side. I want to be able to defend myself- my boat- at all times.

06-18-2003, 01:58 PM
Hi All,

First you must remember that for the media no news is bad news.

The crimes are mostly committed in large cities, some other gangs are specializing to rob farms.
If you are not part of one of the tribes, you will be left alone in the biggest tribal war, you are no consideration.

There is NO piracy from our northern boarder all the way around south africa to Mocambique, probably none in Tanzania, Kenia, Madagascar or Zanzibar, but Somalia DOES HAVE PIRATES!!!

But Somalia does NOT have any government as probably the only country in the world.

In Angola there is NO piracy, but if the Governor or the Police chief of a town fancies your boat, you may have a problem. He will take it one way or other due to corrucption, he might just plant some substance on board in front of your eyes and charges you with a crime you did not committ, so to Angola you only go when you have contacts, then you literally get away with murder. For a price, but this has advantages as well in case you really have transgressed the law.

We have trucks running to central Congo. One driver has been driving there since 1996 and estimates he has made about 350 trips in that time.
Once his truck was broken into, the police cought the thief and just about beat the thief to death.
If you go to a small village in Africa, and talk to the Chief/Headman and he gives you permission to camp, you are safer than anywhere in the USA.
No people, I am originally from Germany, here in southern africa since 1968 and I would not want to live in Europe or the USA. There is NO freedom where you people live.

A year ago, we had a youg lady(by my standard) from Townsend here, she wrote me an e-mail which read:" I realized now, that we americans live in a vacuum of fear and ignorance".

So if you people are prepared to face the sea, you are fully equipped to face africa. It is worth it, I promise you. But because life is so different, it is not for everyone.

As far as AIDS goes, you know it is there, dont get mixed up with the wrong woman, bring your own and there is no problem.

As far as other deseases are concerned, we here in the desert have hardly any infectious deseases, you cut yourself, no infection, nothing.

This changes if you go to the east coast where the humidity is higher.

I had an american visitor from near seattle, he was a soldier in Korea, then a cop all his life.

I took him for a tour and he locked himself with his wife in the car (locked not just closed) while I and my wife slept under the stars.

The biggest disaster I had sleeping outside (I usually do) was one night when a Jackal stole my bacon and on top of it peed against my sleeping bag.

My boat I built while I lived for two and a half years outside. I had an old hut onto which I nailed a few planks, and some old canvas, made a gas stove from scrap, hung up a flourescent light, put a fridge down, some jerry cans with a plywood top, some shelves for supplies, outside a fire place and two chairs. I loved it, but I had to shoot baboons almost daily.
Some joker hung up a sign and called my set-up "noahs restaurant"

Boy did I have a fantastic time there.

We have about 700000 visitors per year for a population of over 1.5 Million only. Try it out, I might take you sailing.

If you people like to see something of africa, or my "restaurant", I could scan some pictures and post them under yahoo photos or MSN photos.

Regards Ongolo

PS. When you come her, just dont look like a tourist, that is safari look and sun helmet.

Just wear a t-shirt and jeans like everybody else and you will not be riped off. :)))

Dale R. Hamilton
06-19-2003, 09:04 AM
"No freedom where we people live"... now that opens quite a haggis. America my friend, has the most freedom of anyplace on earth. Fought and won dearly by generations of Americans willing to lay down their lives for the freedoms our founding fathers envisioned for us. Americans die today to secure this freedom for a bunch of ragheads that don't even realize what has been denied them for so long. Yes, maybe over there in Africa there is no law that restricts you from beating up on your neighbor, or the police chief seizing your boat because he fancies it- in that sense you have more freedom. But then thats the way savages act.
True freedom is not absolute parol to do whatever you want- but it respects the right of your neighbor to enjoy his freedoms too. America is the
mother church of freedom- thats why so many people flee to America- you don't see chinamen boatpeople desperately trying to sneak into Angola. Sorry if I offend, but this touches a nerve.

And yes, would be very interested in seeing some of your pictures.

06-19-2003, 02:13 PM
No offense at all, but I suggest you read rense.com, yellow times.org or informationclearinghouse and see how your homland security laws affect your freedom.

It looks like the KGB is running the USA, and as far as democratic election goes, what you have (not even counting the last stint) it is nothing but a grand act of marketing.

And we dont beat up the neigbour either.

And as far as fighting for some ragheads, a massive fraud was pulled by bush and co about WMD, have you not noticed or already forgotten?
Generally, you should rename your ministry of defence to ministry of aggression.

There was nothing to defend for any american in Iraq except the lust for power and oil. That is how the world sees it.

Another point, why are the investigation reports on the Kennedy assasination still not released?

Why is there no proper investigation into 9/11 and why are sensitive papers always "classified"?

Do you call that democracy? I call this playing the fool with about 200 million american citizen.
Forgotten the fabricated evidence? Uranium from Nigeria, or the falsified report (in fact pulled from the net) all forgotten or does being lied to by your president not count and does not matter?

And why is the USA financing the state of Israel that has ingored 64 UN resolutions and kills as it please? and dont tell me because the palestinians are terrorists, they are not, they are fighting for their rights and for their land.

Just as the Iraqis who shoot at the occupying US forces opposing that another nation should rule them.

Or Afghanistan, what buisiness has any american soldier in Afghanistan? And dont tell me because of 9/11. almost a year earlier it had been decided to attack Afghanistan. 9/11 or not, Afghanistan was going to be attacked.

First it was WMD, then it was Saddam to liberate Iraq from, but what about Mugabe? He is as bad as Saddam, but nobody gives a damn. How about that?

All BS, it was simply about the oil, the oil, the oil.

Now what about N.Korea? the are heavily armed and admit it, but nobody attacks them. Why not, scared of bloody noses?

Democracy and freedom came to an end the day Kennedy got shot in a plot certainly involving the CIA.

And incidently, how far and wide have you travelled? Somebody who has driven a VW all his life cannot really judge a Mercedes.

Read some of the uncensored media I recommended above and you will see the poor state the USA is in nowadays.

Regards Ongolo

Dale R. Hamilton
06-19-2003, 04:10 PM
maybe you should just post the pictures

Alan D. Hyde
06-19-2003, 04:24 PM
Ongolo, if you believe that stuff, you'll believe anything. :(


06-19-2003, 05:23 PM
Alan Hi, what stuff?

I was fairly specific, could you please also give specifics?

Regards Ongolo

06-20-2003, 12:27 AM
Hello Ongolo,
I just went and took a look at reese.com .If this is where you get your information from, how can you take it all for fact.We have magazines on sale at every store checkout that has some radical shouting these type of head lines.Baby with four Eyes thought to be re-encarnation of...,Terrorist plot known prior to 911.....U.F.O.sighting prior to 911.The intelligent shopper walks by them.The National Enquirer,The Star and so on are good for a laugh but can't be taken seriously.Even as I scanned that sight there were sites identified as hoaxes.

Now I don't want to be labeled as a chest thumper but I do believe that our system(though flawed)works well.If It didn't we wouldn't have access to the National enquirer or reese .com .Yes I would be freer if I was adrift at sea or living in a desert or holed up in the mountains of Montana but I wouldn't have the privilage to do any of the many things I can do at the drop of a hat.Everyone has a right to live their life as they choose.for you to say we aren't free is a major misunderstanding on your part.

This thread has turned into what the old time forumites call Bilge Water or a Troll :rolleyes: .The headline has turned away from your project and towards opinion.We do this all day and night in the misc.non-boat rel. site at the bottom of the main page(i.e. bilge)Come on down and toss your thoughts around down there you'ld be just as welcomed andpossibly revered. smile.gif Dan L.

06-20-2003, 01:36 AM
I have not read any of this UFO crap, but I am referring to statements by Sen Byrd for instance and reports from BBC or the UK Guardian being published on Rense.com.

As far as freedom goes, a Farmer was just sentenced in the USA to 8 months in Jail and 1.7Mil. law suit for KEEPING SEED. The Monsanto Company is forcing Farmers to buy their genetically Modified seed. Is this Freedom?

In Oregon a few Months ago a law was passed that for demonstrating and interrupting traffic at an intersection, disrupting an University Campus and two other minor things can be sentenced (without the option of parole) to 25 years imprisonment. Do you call this freedom? This worse than Tieneman square in China.

Rense.com is for me simply a collection of articles of Reuters, DPA, AP, AFP, BBC, Al Jazeeria, Pravda and many other highly reputed publications.

That UFO cr... Jeff Rense simply uses to finance his effort. I never read any of it.

And as far as going over to another section, I did not start this argument and if I just went over and make statements into blue air, nobody would know what it is about.

Sit back for a moment and analize how your laws really affect you.

Take the degrading hand cuffing of minors and perpetrators of minor offenses sometimes with ten or more police officers present, you will not find this anywhere in the world.

We cuff only the most dangerous criminals.

Regards Ongolo

Ps. I believe in Democracy, if 51% of you vote so, I shall go away and never come back. So easy.

06-20-2003, 09:18 AM
Originally posted by ongolo:

Now please ignore the rifles, this is from my past life.
regards ongoloNot that this started it but this raised the question of security.Many of us know that the waters are dangerous espescially around third world countries.We can only speculate on your"past life".

06-20-2003, 09:23 AM
Originally posted by ongolo:

.....and all the freedom (and chaos) which you only find in Africa.

Regards Ongolo

06-20-2003, 09:44 AM
Originally posted by ongolo:
Hi All,

First you must remember that for the media no news is bad news.

but Somalia DOES HAVE PIRATES!!!

In Angola there is NO piracy, but if the Governor or the Police chief of a town fancies your boat, you may have a problem. He will take it one way or other due to corrucption, he might just plant some substance on board in front of your eyes and charges you with a crime you did not committ, so to Angola you only go when you have contacts, then you literally get away with murder. For a price, but this has advantages as well in case you really have transgressed the law.

We have trucks running to central Congo. One driver has been driving there since 1996 and estimates he has made about 350 trips in that time.
Once his truck was broken into, the police cought the thief and just about beat the thief to death.
I had an american visitor from near seattle, he was a soldier in Korea, then a cop all his life.

I took him for a tour and he locked himself with his wife in the car (locked not just closed) while I and my wife slept under the stars.

:)))For all media no news is bad news.Rense.com to be included.These problems are world wide and are what lurks in the hearts of men.It is just much more dangerous in an area that doesn't have someone policing the police.The cities here are for the part safer because of the law you stated about blocking an intersection during a protest.That would be the initial charge but would probably be reduced to parole and told don't do it again or else. Not Locked up and the key thrown away.

As to you going away and not come back .I'm sure you will still read these post and lurk here.I'm sorry if you are so thin skinned that a confrontation makes you "take your boat and go home" we/I appreciate the input from everyone and hope you will read this and continue in our global conversations.Please do tell us more.PEACE DAN L.

P.S. Just because we are less than the majority doesn't mean we don't fight for our cause.Nothing would change that way.I did not mean to sound like I was saying go away ,I was just informing you of the Misc.Non-boat discussion.BOL

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Adam C
06-20-2003, 11:21 AM
Well don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

Ich bin ein auslander.

I am not from here. I was born in Canada. My parents are from Sicily. Most people think Canada is free, but you'd be surprised how much more freedoms we have in the US. It is incredible. I am not biased because I was not born an American. But I love this country.

I would never go back to Canada - it's oppresive tax, it's gun registration, etc. etc.

And I would never go back to Sicily were an uncle had three hige greenhouses burned down - his life savings and employment - because he would not pay off the local "official".

You can't do that here. This is one of a handful of countries in the world where I can own a firearm legally in my house to defend my family. One of the few countries in the world that I can tell others about my Lord Jesus and not be sent to jail. You can't do that in China!

This is a great nation - I love it here!

06-20-2003, 11:34 AM
Hi all,

I am afraid I am not thin skinned at all, although my nerves have been frayed.

The rifles are of my own manufacture, I was the only registered arms manufacturer in Namibia, but I have also been "involved", but that was politically and today we have peace.

I have written also a book called "SMALL ARMS, SHOOTING AND BALLISTICS", I am quite deaf from all the loud bangs (or accoustic trauma), but I can communicate Ok when I am writing and reading. :)))

Turkey and England are both in Europe, but are vastly different as you will agree.

So is Cape Town from some place in Somalia (dont know any place names).

If you would be interested I could scan an article from a local sailing magazine. In the meantime I fix some pictures.

The american visitors name was Vic Henry and he was a policeman in a town about 50km from Seattle and the young ladies name is Michell Downing and she lives in Townsend I believe. She is publishing some other magazine, I can probably provide details. One thing please be assured, I do not make up stories.

I had also another bike riding visitor by name of Sherman Cooper, he had the Honda franchise on the east coast I believe in New Jersey.

One day we sat on a dune resting and he opened up and said:" you know I have made my money all my life from motorcycles, when I was young from racing nd later from dealing in motorcycles. But doing this riding is like I have waited all my life just for this"

He should now be about 70 odd years old, was involved at the time with a Barbara Fox and his bike shop was called Cooper Motorcycles. His sons probably are running it now. He slept with us under the stars, he loved it and he never felt insecure at all.

regards Ongolo

Should I start a new thread and call it information africa???

06-20-2003, 02:31 PM
I really didn't think you were thin skinned :D ,just did it to get your goat.As to starting a new thread that's your call,or go join one thats been running about America bashing since I've been here.It's all interesting and informative even if you walk away saying I didn't think people could be like that. ;)

My first road bike is/was a B.S.A. short for Birmingham Small Arms so I know the relationship of guns and an engine.Both are great machines and equally dangerous in the wrong hands. smile.gif

06-20-2003, 03:24 PM
Oh we getting somewhere?

I keep a Yahoo address as a archive for things that other people like to see (or not)

The address is skinnerbak2002@yahoo.com and the password is teddy2 .

And a link to some pictures in addition to the ones above :


One picture that looks like a waterfall is in fact a sandfall, but works just the same and that arch on the shore is the bogenfels and crazy pilots fly through with a Cessna 210 or Piper Cherokee just to give you some perspective.
And some of the blacks dont really look so beaten up, in fact very vew people in a civilized society can appear so happy and relaxed like the young black girl.

That overgrown goat with the long straight horns is an Oryx, one of the best meat to eat and I have devoured personally quite a few I believe.

The pigs are highly intelligent and make excellent pets, but become a problem when bigger. Like it happened to a Hans Schreiber. His pig eventually wanted to be day and night with the family and so jumped one night through the closed bedroom window, just to lie in bed with mama and papa. Becaue of this and other stunts, sadly it had to be killed.
Camels are not indigenous (spelling??), but are here mostly for european tourists, which as you can observe, have no obvious wounds from axes, knives or guns either.

Regards Ongolo