View Full Version : Antigua Classic Yacht regatta 2008

04-09-2008, 08:58 AM
On Saturday, I'm off to help sail Kate to Antigua for the Antigua Classic Yacht regatta.

Lots of info here http://www.antiguaclassics.com/

We are going by the scenic route. :yeah:

Departure is set for 6:00pm.

Unfortunately, the racing starts on Wednesday, when I will have to leave to fly to UK for family business.

Murphy's law strikes again. :oops:

Will have to console myself with pints of bitter. :geewizz:

I realise that you are all feeling absolutely gutted for me, so posting the knowledge of this will stem the flow of commiserations.

Will try and take a few pictures.

BTW what are you doing this weekend?

PS If there is anyone on this forum that will be there, come looking for Kate (Fighting Lady Yellow) and we can have a couple drinks.