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02-10-2008, 07:35 AM
Michigan robber asks for time in prison

ADRIAN, Mich. -- Ask and you shall receive in Lenawee County Circuit Court.
A man who pleaded guilty to unarmed robbery faced no more than a year in the county jail but asked to be sent to prison instead to help his chances of rehabilitation.
Michael Thomas Isaacson got what he wanted on Thursday when a judge sentenced him to 17 months to 15 years in state prison, with a recommendation for a psychological evaluation and counseling.
Isaacson told Judge Timothy P. Pickard he believes programs available in state prisons will help him "get back on my feet," while a year in the county jail would leave his situation the same as when he was arrested.
Isaacson was caught minutes after robbing a movie theater employee, who was carrying a bank deposit bag. Isaacson said he had no gun during the robbery.
Defense lawyer Robert Jameson said Isaacson does not understand why he committed the robbery.
"He chose the cinema because he used to work at the cinema. He knows the victim. He perceived it as a low-risk crime," Jameson said.

Ian McColgin
02-10-2008, 08:36 AM
Some states like Texas and Lousiana have disgraceful state prison systems but even at their worst, almost any state pen is more rehabilitation oriented than most county lock-ups, just as despite its shortcomings the federal system is far more rehabilitation oriented than state systems.

All of which was more true thirty years ago before the national disgrace of turning our backs on our prisoners (as well as our poor and our ill).