View Full Version : laminating iroko?

08-05-2001, 03:58 PM
I have to laminate the outer face of the stem
and I would like to know if iroko is a suitable wood for this purpose. If it's ok I can postdate my visit to the lumberyard, a traumatic experience due to my ignorance on woods.
Anyone knows the properties of a wood called Ayaus?
Thank You.


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Paul Brooks
08-06-2001, 03:52 AM
Yes, I've used Iroko to laminate keel and stem. It is an oily wood, so advisable to wipe with acetone to remove any surface oils and rough the surface well with sandpaper. BYW you need to make sure you get the right thickness as tight curves / thick stock don't laminate very well. I'm afraid I've never heard of Ayaus, not to say it wouldn't be OK. However, Iroko is one of the cheapest and best known hardwoods available, that's suitable for boatbuilding, why use something else?
Regards Paul

08-06-2001, 09:36 AM
Ayous (Triplochiton scleroxylon) is also known as Obeche, is not suitable for marine use unless it's used in interior joiner work. Neither the heartwood or the sapwood is considered very durable. Termites, powder post beetles, other bugs and fungi like to munch on Ayous. Iroko can work for you like Paul mentioned. You can have some success steam bending it if it's not too dry. Good luck.