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01-11-2008, 09:33 AM
I recently came across a full set of plans(3 pages), main mast, and what seems to be a boom. Came from The Rockport Apprentice Shop, Rock Port, Maine. Stamped "Construction Details- D.W. Dillion 1985". The sweet little old lady that had it thought it went to either a Abaco or Cat boat. This is a one time deal for me on this forum. I thought about scrapping all this aluminum. Several 100's lbs. of aluminum. I got to thinking what a waste to scrap it. I would rather it go to a boat. If interested go to ebay and type in "sail boat mast" or it is item #270202587633. Befor I posted this I went though about a hour worth of info. on this site. I must say you guys and girls have very creative minds. I feed on people that share ideals. I wish we could all do this more. I love learning things other than in my field. Any questions email me @ tcbpearl@yahoo.com. Happy Sailing/ Cheers. Terry

01-11-2008, 10:02 AM
I have those plans also and the mast for the Abaco dinghy would only be about 15-16 feet long, so your 33' aluminum mast is for a larger boat, possibly a catboat as you suggest. Good luck with the auction. Hope someone buys it!

Edited to add: I think I've been in touch with you before when you may have advertised the spar somewhere else online. I was considering buying your spar for a flagpole and getting a rowing crew trailer to bring it up here when they came to a NE regatta. Got a flagpole locally in the meantime.

You may want to advertise the plans for the dinghy separately on eBay since they are unrelated to the spars. Check with the Rockland Apprenticeshop to see what they charge for them, if they still have them in stock. http://www.atlanticchallenge.com/

01-11-2008, 10:05 AM
Welcome to the Forum, and good luck with your auction.

Unfortunately the WB Forum rules prohibit listing items for sale, so we don't make posts like yours (more than once). There is nothing against pointing out that a cool item or items are for sale by someone else, however.

01-14-2008, 12:09 PM
Understood. Like I said this is a one time deal for me. Wont happen again. I do really enjoy looking at ya'lls forum. I belong to the minitrucktalk forum. We share alot of ideals and pass info. to each other. So often we save time and energy exploring each others ideals. My old and wise Father said two heads are better than one. Have a good day, Cheers, Terry