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12-20-2007, 05:57 PM
Cold moulded 40 ft x 13 ft classic IOR racer

We have ideas to put a new mahogny or teak veneer on the topsides, today there is New Zeeland spruce (Kauri???) according to the former owner. 27 years of hard racing life can be seen!

There is a radius of 25-30 mm between the hull and the deck, today this radius is covered with GRP strip and painted gold. My idea is to let the topside veneer go over the radius and out on the deck maybe 70-100 mm.

Typical I plan to use 2-3 mm veneers/epoxy and staples to hold down during epoxy curing. Do you think I need to treat the veneers with steam in order to get them soft (sorry do not know what this steam process is called in English). I mean, there will be some part that has to curve in two directions (also unkown word for me in English) if the veneers structure shall follow the sheer line or water line.

Any ideas how and if this is a possible way of doing it and or if you have other ideas about this subject.

Happy holidays to everone out there:rolleyes:/Holland 40-4ever

12-20-2007, 06:03 PM
Congratulations on buying the boat, I thought pretty hard about it, and discussed it in this thread. http://www.woodenboatvb.com/vbulletin/upload/showthread.php?t=70544

I'd heard that the keel plank had been badly broken and poorly repaired. Is it repaired now.

I don't think you need to steam the 2 to 3 mm veneers

Bob Perkins
12-20-2007, 11:22 PM
Is this Faceoff that came from Salem MA? If so - I know that boat - Been on it... know the previous owner.. etc.. Very nice.. I hope you get it back to 100%.

Martin Nelson
12-21-2007, 07:48 PM
The question is 'will the veneer go around the radius sheer and onto the deck'? I don't think you will have too many problems glueing narrow strips of veneer on the topsides. Gougeon Brothers mention using a standard veneer size of 40 mm wide on the topsides (p244). They mention bending radius for longitudinal, but not for width. My guess is that it won't work without steaming, or perhaps using two layers of very thin veneers.
Another option may be to bevel the sheer edge to 45 degrees, and glue in a thicker solid strip, maybe 60 mm. trim that so that it matches the deck and hull, then glue the veneer over that. When all is cured, radius it back to the desired curve. Something like Bulkhead or cabinet corner figure 26-9 in the Gougeon Brothers On Boat Construction, 5th edition.

12-23-2007, 05:57 PM
Gareth, thks for your input. As soon as she is here I will investigate the condition of the veneer as well as the keel plank. From inside it looks OK no signs of damage or breakage. However, I will remove the keel ASAP and repair all damaged parts, change the rod rig reinstall keel before we will test here. No major work before I know what we bought...

The list of what I would like or will do is very loooong


12-23-2007, 06:07 PM
Good luck with the boat. I love Ron Holland designs.

God jul och gott nytt Śr

12-23-2007, 06:18 PM

God jul och gott nytt Śr to you as well!!

12-23-2007, 06:24 PM

I do not know if she is from Salem, the former owner is a Mr N Reid, spoke to him on the phone when I was in the states mid of this month.

I have plans... and a wife...

12-23-2007, 06:29 PM

I do not know the book you refer to but I already started to buy books at Amazon.com about cold moulding as well as boat building. Will google on Gougeon Brothers to see if I can get hold of this one as well.


12-23-2007, 06:37 PM

Bob Perkins
12-24-2007, 07:09 AM
Hi Lars,

Same Boat :) The previous owner really loved that boat and spent a lot of time on it.. I'm sure it needs repairs and updating,etc..

In your first entry in this post - `there will be some part that has to curve in two directions (also unkown word for me in English)` I think you mean a compound curve... Tough to to with flat materials..

Good luck.

John B
03-09-2011, 05:22 PM
A bump for anyone interested in the work going on on this boat, there's a good thread on SA.


and this was another thread about it here.


five guys named moe
03-09-2011, 05:40 PM
Do you need to cover it up with anything? A shame to cover kauri...