View Full Version : crooked deal or not ????????????

12-19-2007, 08:15 PM
well, just this last saturday i drove home in my (new) '04 F-150. i haggled a bit and got for about a grand less than average price for my area. i am satisfied with what i paid, it's like a brand new truck yet, absolutely spotless inside and out, has a f-glass tonneau cover and an auto carpet type soft liner. owned by the dealer's business manager's father, so the service record read like a surgeon's report. and to boot it's even the color i really like.

today in the mail comes a flyer from the dealer, (who happens to be new to the area) about a "grand opening". lo and behold my truck is in the flyer and the "grand opening special is an extra 500 bucks off on all new and pre-owned vehicles, after you make your best deal.

now, if i got this flyer today, you know the ad was already printed and probably in the mail, last saturday........ do you think i should go ask them where my 500 bucks is? it is the third vehicle my family bought from the dealership in about 3 yrs, but obviously not the same dealer owners and the fourth car from the same salesman in the past 10 yrs...... where's the love?!!!

Dave Forsman
12-19-2007, 08:27 PM
I think the answer is simple.

The dealer knows exactly the minimum price they will sell a vehicle for.

The price you would negotiate with the ad in hand would be $500 more than the price you negotiated earlier. They would then give you an "additional" $500 via the ad.

The net result would be the same. Auto dealers do not give anything away.

12-19-2007, 10:51 PM
Dealers give TONS away ... but not too much on used cars.

Dealerships are NOTORIOUS for the owner/GM creating ads and failing to tell the sales staff about them ... happens ALL THE TIME!!

Net may or may not be the same ... I would contact my sales person. It is worth a shot.

It was not a crooked deal.

A bit of info on car dealers:

At least half of all NEW cars are sold at a loss ... about 50% of used cars are sold at a 20-30% gross profit. Another 20% of USED are sold at 30-40% gross profit ... the other 30% are break-even/go straight to the auction.

Dealers make 60% of their profit from service and repair operations. 25% from USED sales ... and roughly 15% from new sales ... although that 15% is quickly dwindling.

Every deal is different ... VERY different in many cases.

Here is the bottom line:

Did you get the truck you wanted, at a price you wanted ... and did you have an experience that you found to be pleasant or even enjoyable? What more can you want?

Sounds smartypants, but I am serious. Sounds like a win-win deal that you received.


12-20-2007, 07:03 AM
Maybe crooked on his side. This can be a difficult situation for sales staff. You made a deal yuo were happy with, so it would certainly be crooked to complain now, wouldn't it?

12-20-2007, 07:22 PM
i don't think i'm going to pursue it, just wanted to see what the concensus was. it's just one of those...."would you look at that !"....situations.

brad, ya, i am reatively satisfied with the deal i got, happy with the truck. i was finally in the position where i didn't need to get a vehicle right now, so i could have the pleasure of walking away from a deal going nowhere. i would have liked to pay maybe a grand less, it had 60K on it, but it was as perfect as perfect could be, literally like a brand new truck yet. several people thought it was an '07, it's that clean.

12-20-2007, 08:30 PM
04 fords are AWESOME trucks ... 60k? Who cares ... with that surgical maintencance schedule, it may as well have only 28k ...

You done good ... enjoy!!!