View Full Version : Merriman Winches

09-28-2007, 12:03 AM
I'm looking for a manual and parts availabilility for servicing merriman winches. I have a couple that don't engage under load. Also, if anyone knows where to find winch handles I'd like to know that, too.


Scott P
09-28-2007, 01:46 AM
I've never seen a manual for one, Have you been able to take yours apart? Mine were very simple once I figured out how to unscrew the top with the handle and clean out the 30+years of gunk out. For handles check E bay they apear fairly frequently.


09-28-2007, 08:51 AM
I can dig up an old catalog page that shows the different sizes if that helps, but Scott's right, they're dead-easy to service. If you don't have a handle that will fit in the slot to unscrew the cap, I've persuaded a few by using a punch (or other big screwdriver) and hammer to alternate blows on both ends of the groove. Go easy, it's only bronze, but eventually they surrender.

I have come across a few variations, though. I have one on my mast that has piston-pawls instead of the hinged paddle type.

Be VERY CAREFUL when handle-shopping on ebay. There are a lot of knock-offs out there that are wrong-sized by just a little bit, but enough to make them useless. If the listing doesn't give specific dimensions of the width length and thickness of the business end of the handle, ask the seller to post them.