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Bill R
08-23-2007, 11:27 PM
Friday- trip out to our stations in Hooksett, NH to pick up some test equipment. Then on to a transmitter site to cut up a couple trees blocking the access road.

Saturday- Back to the above site to meet the tower climbers. They will be hanging an antenna for me while I finish wiring the new transmitter.

Sunday- sut off the main site and turn on the new aux site (above) to tweak the processing and check the coverage early in the morning. After that, whatever SWMBO demands...

I need a vacation...

08-24-2007, 03:36 AM

Are you ever up on the towers you describe? Can you take a pic or two and post? I imagine the view from some of those things must really be something else. Good luck with the weather (lightning forecast?)

08-24-2007, 04:05 AM
The last 10+ days have been spent moving my mother from North Alabama to a retirement community here. There's more to do with unpacking etc. but the major fires are put out and she is settling in nicely.


Friday afternoon - finish caulking seams (5 seams x 8' area on port side is all that I didn't get done before I left)

Saturday - go back over a few spots, check all seams and tap cotton down as necessary, redlead seams to keep cotton from walking back out

Sunday - finish redleading engine bilge, formulate plan for damaged area on cockpit floor under fuel tank, finish whatever is leftover of Saturday's work because I never get the things I want to get done finished....

All three days - be sure to stop by and check on Mother and work on paper for Herreshoff CYS

08-24-2007, 05:10 AM
Herreshoff Rendezvous Sat. Contemplate results Sun.

Bill R
08-24-2007, 05:52 AM

Are you ever up on the towers you describe? Can you take a pic or two and post? I imagine the view from some of those things must really be something else. Good luck with the weather (lightning forecast?)

I used to climb. I am primarily an engineer, but I worked some with a rigger in West Virginia when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA when he needed an extra set of hands.

I don't climb much anymore, primarily because of insurance issues. I still do some low level work however.

I have some pics taken recently from 1500' on the tower in West Baldwin, ME we are on. I'll dig them up and post them later today.

08-24-2007, 08:10 AM
Taking the headboard/side tables/bed platform to the finisher this morning. Keeping fingers crossed that he sprays it over the weekend...
Splitting more firewood (slowly).
Gearing up for the next project...

Chris Coose
08-24-2007, 08:15 AM
Just got back from a hike.
Any guesses as to where I went?
Name the rock I am on and you win.


08-24-2007, 08:52 AM
berry picking

got to retrieve the last remnants of summer somehow

08-24-2007, 09:05 AM

Aren't you on one of The Horns of a Dilemma? ;)

I've just been invited to sail in the King of Spain Cup in Camden. We've always called it the King of Spam, so you can imagine how seriously it's taken.

Forumite Dave R and his father will be visiting from Minnesota this weekend, and I've e-mailed him to see when exactly on Saturday he'll blow into town. No answer. I recall that we agreed to go sailing together here on Sunday with a lobster feed after. That's all 'in exchange' for a lot of work he did for a group of us neighbors this past winter. Hmmm.

Phillip Allen
08-24-2007, 09:15 AM
Takin Jeanne Marie out to practice shooting the muzzleloader...

08-24-2007, 11:59 AM
Entertaining sweetie's parents, through next week. The bathroom and hallway are done! The house is clean! I get to take a week off!

S.V. Airlie
08-24-2007, 12:38 PM
spinning wheels as usual.

Chris Coose
08-24-2007, 08:09 PM
Aren't you on one of The Horns of a Dilemma? "

Index Rock on the Dudley Trail from Chimney Pond to Pamola on Katadin at Baxter state park.
Me and Ella made it to Pamola and returned to Roaring Brook via the Helon Taylor trail on Wednesday.
We got one of the two campsites at Abol Falls later that afternoon. Very fortunate.



I was ten (1961) like Ella when I first climbed Katadin. The park has changed very little and the preservation efforts are well done.

2 moose at Sandy stream pond eating from the bottom vegitation. Left my camera though.

08-24-2007, 09:53 PM

Me and Ella

C'mon Chris. You're a dad. This is your job - to use the language correctly so your kid learns directly from you.

"Me made it to Pamola and returned to Roaring Brook via the Helon Taylor trail on Wednesday."

Yeah, sure. That's just the way to say it.

"Ella made it to Pamola and returned to Roaring Brook via the Helon Taylor trail on Wednesday."

"Ella and I made it to Pamola and returned to Roaring Brook via the Helon Taylor trail on Wednesday."

Kid won't learn to do it correctly if you do it wrong.

08-24-2007, 09:59 PM
Sleep in, clean the house, yard work, reconfigure the rain barrel set up, clean up the debris from the recent storms, wish my other half wasn't 850 miles away.

The Bigfella
08-24-2007, 11:10 PM
Recovery - I was in the city for 3 days last week - and a couple of them entailed 2am boozy finishes to them, including a 9 hour cocktail party yesterday. Got enough material out of them for a couple of separate threads, including a brilliant tale from a former head of an Oz political party. Back from semi-retirement, its a bit of a buzz and a shock at the same time.

Got up today and put the suit on to go to a colleague's funeral - as informed - then discovered it was held yesterday. Suit off, work gear on and into stripping down the turbo engined '54 VW Beetle with my 19 year old son.

If the good weather holds, I'll do a boat day Sunday.

08-25-2007, 03:53 AM
I'd love to say frame pairs 14-18 and 20 are finished by this weekend, but 3 of Cutts and Case's abortions are in this round.

Sounds interesting. Pics/description of the problems? Did this come with the boat or was it something that happened after?

Paul Pless
08-25-2007, 08:06 AM
Matt, that sounds like a horror story.

Chris Coose
08-25-2007, 08:30 AM
"Kid won't learn to do it correctly if you do it wrong."

I'd rather she learned her way around mountains and woods than my grammar, which she probably will. I don't show her much about smoking pot.

If YOU don't understand my writing look at the pictures.

Joe (SoCal)
08-25-2007, 08:36 AM
Right on Chris , as ya all know Im much more of a VISUAL guy so pictures it is :D

Dutchess County Fair yesterday



Hyde Park Brewery and Drive in movie tonight :D





Phillip Allen
08-25-2007, 08:58 AM
...well...my flintlock session got rained out (3 inches) but we really need the rain. It's been hotter than the hubs of hell

Bob Adams
08-25-2007, 07:31 PM
Fishin the canyons off Ocean City Maryland. (insert tired smilie here)

08-25-2007, 08:44 PM
propped up, staring at the walls, sketching some piktoors (frames finished for the 18-19 footer attn Steve Paskey), listening to Pete Seegar, drinking my 5th quart of water....sure would like a pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, green peppers, black olives, mushrooms(the nice pink ones)...thin crust..very cold pepsi....

08-25-2007, 08:54 PM
I have an 1851 Colt all packed up to take to UPS......and porky looks like it's about time to say goodnight and take a nap all night on a bed of hot coals and banana leaves.....

08-25-2007, 10:05 PM
Safety Harbor/Tampa Bay
2007-08-25 01:30 PM EDT 3.20 feet High Tide

Enough time to selectively net bait and be in the hole and just wait them out. Great day for shallow water large red drum. Hopefully sports on TV will keep some of the warriors home.

08-25-2007, 10:18 PM
Up and down day today. A classmate I haven't seen for a long time popped in with his new wife of a week... I sailed in that King of Spam Cup and we got 'spammed' bad. Sailed into our own personal hell-hole fo a calm twenty yards from the start and ALL the other boats left us there. Fifteen minutes becalmed and with NO steerage. Horizon job. I couldn't stop laughing. Nothing else to do.

Arrived home to get a call from Dave R (WBF Member ) and his Dad who came for a porch sit, beer and snacks. Windy night. They'd just come from seeing the WB waterfront beach launch of the Small Reach Regatta and a sail on Twig's Alden schooner HERON. Steve Bauer was odds-on favorite to get the award for 'the last boat to BE finished'... not to be confused with finishing last. Clint made it to Brooklin from Rockland!

Tomorrow a sail for the Richards' and lobsters for dinner.

08-25-2007, 10:55 PM
Friday off didn't go to beach as planned, too clousy. Did yard chores (finally!) and sat on the boy to get him - mostly - through his summer book report. Neat, handwritten cursive and my son just don't go together. Two paragraphs took 6 hours, 50 sheets of paper (most of which HE tore up in temper fits) tears and two bottles of white-out. After he realized that it had to be legible, he got over it and finished the rest in about 40 minutes. Evening work on the tin boat for duck season - it now has a standing bitt and is wired for running lights and headlights. Sat. collected old bike from friend's barn, split about face cord, worked in veggie garden, went to hobby store to get charger for the boy's plane and went flying with him after the wind died, going out to shop to mount the headlights on the boat. To morrow? Hope to reharrow what we cleared this spring, split and stack more wood , have some fun with the boy in the afternoon after church. Evening? Tuna on the grill with my in-laws and do some lab work on a couple of dentures. -MAYBE- even work on the auld boat!:D

08-26-2007, 02:00 PM
86'd the fishing trip. Upon backing the truck to the boat,I found a nail in the driver's side rear tire. I could fix the tire but always seems that when you start out the day with a fix-it, more usually follow. I am going to check bearing grease and seals on the trailer instead and shoot for next weekend. May have to go twice to make up for it.

John B
08-26-2007, 02:17 PM
Soccer dad saturday, full crew out on sunday and finally got the spinnakers up.That was a learning curve but it worked pretty well. Not pretty but it worked.