View Full Version : bending rubrail trim

05-27-2003, 08:37 AM
Has anybody ever tried to bend 3/4" solid half oval stainless trim? I need replacement pieces for my Chris Craft Sea Skiff cabin cruiser, and there are many curves I have to make, flatway...you can see in the picture the screw holes where the missing trim used to be, along the op edge of the big pieces of mahogany. Is it possible to make those bends?

John Blazy
05-27-2003, 04:33 PM
You'll never get it to bend in the 3/4" dimension, and even in the flat dimension, you need to make an overbending jig to account for springback from the memory that SS has - been there done that. To do it perfectly, you need to bandsaw or cuttoff wheel grind the curved pc out of 3/16" (or whatever thickness the half-oval is) SS, then the hard part of manual grinding the radius face then buffing/polishing, then drilling new holes. Could be done pretty easily if you are quite good with a grinder, and you will likely need to use a cutoff wheel to grind out the curved piece, as a bandsaw blade will dull halfway into cutting it unless you have someone squirting cutting fluid in at all times. The other method is to bandsaw aluminum and do the same thing. WD 40 is a great cutting fluid for aluminum. - JB

Gary E
05-27-2003, 05:03 PM
It is possible to bend that trim the hard way using a machine like these...



You may be able to find a local shop that has equipment like this that can be fit with a set of rolls formed to fit the shape of your half oval trim. Or, if you are the mechaniccal sort, make a home built rig to doityourself. If I was taking the home built route, I would make a table to support the rolls so that the shafts are verticle and the 1/2 ovval has a big table to lay on.

Good luck