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06-22-2007, 05:30 AM
I've got a new cat situation. Catawumpous is in the pink after her bout with an abscess. But a cat that has been hanging around for months is now here, wounded, hanging on the porch, etc. Not terribly wounded, but obviously in a recent dust up with the local king of the forest. Thank Bast that 'wumpous has figured out how to retreat!

I am in no mood to take on another of the critters, yet I can't speak harshly to a wounded animal. It won't let me pick it up to see what's up. I've not fed or watered it.

The Bangor shelter said I should trap it and take it to the local shelter. But if I do that it's, likely, going get put down.

Is there a cat code, a special sign, that here is a easy mark?

Phillip Allen
06-22-2007, 05:40 AM
yes...three rocks stacked together near the porch

The Bigfella
06-22-2007, 05:43 AM

06-22-2007, 06:42 AM
I'm sorry they'll put it down. Around here my cat rescue place traps it, gets it healthy again, neuter/spays and tries to adopt it out. If it can't be adopted because it's too wild, they bring it back to where it was found and turn it out again.

The theory is that the animal has already established turf and if it's removed, another will just move in.

Perhaps if you feed it you may be able to help it along to getting well, after which the cat shelter may be willing to trap and neuter/spay. Then, if you ask them to bring it back, you can consider whether you wish to continue supporting it.

My feral, who went through this process after two litters in my garage, costs me about a bag of dry cat food every 6-10 weeks. Not a lot of expense to help out an animal. After three years I can pick her up and carry her about, she sits in my lap and purrs noisily when I sit outside with her, and I can do the Frontline routine with her to keep her free of ticks and fleas.

Wooing a feral so at least you can take a little care of it is slow, but definitely can be done.

Phillip Allen
06-22-2007, 06:52 AM
"Wooing a feral so at least you can take a little care of it is slow, but definitely can be done."

Yep...done it a number of times and there's the satisfaction of being part of the solution to go with it...

06-22-2007, 07:00 AM
You missed my salient point. I DO NOT want another of these fellows. Catawumpous is enough!


06-22-2007, 08:00 AM
Yeah, but the cost is so small, it's a tiny thing to do for the poor animal. Besides, since it's not high up on the pecking order, you may not have the job for all that long.

Only the smart and agressive really survive, after all.