View Full Version : No Air Support???

04-25-2007, 12:57 PM
I was reading something on the Washington Post when I came across this:

Throughout the day, there were attempts to verify this, but even in Iraq some days are harder than others. The wind was up, so much so that most helicopters were grounded, as was most aerial surveillance, other than a fighter jet, circling high, whose pilot reported that some of the factory appeared to have been destroyed.

Is this for real? In 21st century warfare there are still days without close air support or surveillance, just like at the Bulge?

If so, those insurgents in Iraq must pray to Allah for wind five times a day. On a windy day, it would appear, they have supremacy on the ground - the American military has long been reluctant to do much of anything without at least air superiority. And with good weather they can just vanish and wait for the next weather window...