View Full Version : Anyone want to save a west coast Monk?

Rob Stokes, N. Vancouver
04-15-2007, 08:49 PM
I'm not affiliated in any way, but was the ad and wanted to pass it on. It would be a shame to see this get cut up.



Lew Barrett
04-15-2007, 10:10 PM
I know the boat. Very roomy aboard, as the picture indicates. Big job, but when it was done, the owner would have a big boat.

Dave Fleming
04-15-2007, 10:59 PM
Schmidt family, Peter G., was owner of MARCO shipyard as well as MARCO power block.

One time powerhouse family of Puget Sound.

One son was found "in flagrante delicto" (sp) in a mens room in Olympia.

Is Oly still being made? How about Rainier Ale aka 'green death'?

Apologies for thread drift.

But, a MONK, something to be saved...if ya gots the bucks.;)

04-16-2007, 10:03 AM
I really hope that somebody saves this boat.
Indulge my fantasy here....what would a ballpark estimate be to restore her - doing the work yourself? 100k?

I read a biography/anthology about Monk a few months ago (which mentioned the Barretts and Rita) - the man was incredibly talented, both in his design and execution. He appears to have brought a common ethos to bear upon both his relations with others and his boats.

Anyway, if it were as simple as transporting her and taking small bites one at a time, it'd be one thing. But, we all know it's more complicated.

It would be great to spot a Monk along the Gulf coast though...

Gary E
04-16-2007, 10:18 AM
If the original owners, who had tons of money, abandoned it and deemed it not worth KEEPING in good repair...
WHY would anyone else?

04-16-2007, 10:35 AM


Gary E
04-16-2007, 10:50 AM
Remember the top picture is NOW... bottom pic is what was
and that shows a prety good reason why NOT to
how about a few to spend tons of $$ and still end up with somethng worth less and less as time goes on.

04-16-2007, 11:02 AM
If the original owners, who had tons of money, abandoned it and deemed it not worth KEEPING in good repair...
WHY would anyone else?

Maybe, maybe not.

Lew Barrett
04-16-2007, 04:24 PM
First off, Rainier Ale and Oly beer....long gone. The Rainier brewery is now the Tully's Coffee headquarters, and the Oly brewery is still there but I don't know what they've done with it.

Regarding the boat. There isn't a single fixer fifty foot Monk in the fleet that is a truly good economic proposition unless you buy it after it is fixed up. That's just the way it is. Rita was, from that point of view, a dreadful deal, but she's mighty nice now. If you were to buy a boat of the scale pictured with the understanding that it was to become a piece of your life, and with a good handle on what was, and wasn't wrong with her, and what you expected of her, you'd simply be following in the footsteps of many who went before you, and no foul in that but it will not likely make economic sense.

The boat looks rough but from here it's impossible to say with authority what is or isn't necessary. One could guess, of course. But here is what you need to know:
1. How are the mechanical systems? You need a handle on the engines, gear, running gear, plumbing, domestic systems, controls, electrical system and so on. One can guess that they are tired and abused, but without data, who knows? Engines and gears? There are two, so thirty five to fifty thou plus installation. Perhaps a fifth of that for a good rebuild.
2. Domestic systems? Savable? Good heads? A few bucks for a rebuild kit or five hundred to a thousand each for a good head and marine sanitation pump. Holding tanks? Add some if they're not there.
3. Hull, house, decks? Again, you'll need to know. We can guess of course....lets say she's OK but needs twenty long planks, refastening, recaulking and ten frames? Twenty to Thirty thousand for a shipwright or the cost of materials and a lot of time in the yard. Yard time? $50 bucks a day. Decks? I don't know...take a guess.
Paint and varnish stripped and replaced on an otherwise serviceable interior? Reckon a thousand hours for a boat like this.
And there you have it. A quick budget that indicates anywhere from perhaps the cost of materials and a good engine rebuild, say thirty or forty thousand (but probably a bit more) to a quarter million or so. That's a likely range for this sort of project, but we've all seen them run higher.

Psst....don't go off and run with this, but judging just from the pictures, I'd say...."I've seen worse."

Also for Dave Fleming....does look like a Marco...even soewhat like a Shane, but without the teardrop ports and such.

capt jake
04-20-2007, 08:54 PM
the Oly brewery is still there but I don't know what they've done with it.

Still vacant. Politics did it in. :(