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Rick Starr
03-26-2007, 04:35 PM

LINK (http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/europe/03/26/ireland/index.html)


03-26-2007, 04:38 PM
Is he related to Brad Paisley?

John B
03-26-2007, 04:54 PM
is this another feinmaster thread?

03-26-2007, 05:05 PM
When it comes down to it Paisley's a politician. Survival wins out over 'principles'. (and pretty rough 'principles' they are too).

03-26-2007, 05:06 PM
Ugh, John, that's a sinn.

Osborne Russell
03-26-2007, 06:24 PM
Every Unionist kill an IRA'er, and be hanged for it.

-- new twist on an old saying.

Cuyahoga Chuck
03-26-2007, 06:29 PM
Bobby Sands killed himself for this?

Nicholas Carey
03-26-2007, 07:21 PM
Who woulda thunk it? -- Gerry Sands and Ian Paisley at the same table. Smiling :eek:

Must have been some good stout, eh?