View Full Version : I got the motor up, soon to be out.

03-25-2007, 10:27 PM
Some may remember I asked for advice several times over the last six months about how I might get my engine out of my 34 foot mainship trawler.

The problem with this boat is that its a full keel boat with the engine midship. Its located way forward in the cabin, under the floor about 8 feet inside the saloon. Then there is 6 feet of cockpit and a swim platform, so its sixteen feet from the stern to the engine. To Make matters worse, I am doing the repower in the water in my backyard.

Someone suggested a towing-wrecker company, but they said they couldn't do it, they didn't think it would be safe, were afraid the boom would tear up the cabin if the boat moved. But they said if I could get the engine up out of the bilge and out in the cockpit they would do it.

I have a cheap Pep Boys engine hoist. The only problem is the engine would not fit up between its legs, well, barely.

The engine weighs about 1600 pounds.

Somehow, over the last two days, I did it. Had to shore up the saloon floor, had to lay timbers all over the place, leaving room for the legs of the hoist, had to move the hoist here and there, built a sledge of sorts for the engine to sit on, used a come-along to slide the engine back over timbers set over the floor.

Scariest part had to do with the surprising effects of a big hanging weight in a rocking boat. A big swinging weight. Someone here warnd me of this. I was careful, but it still surprised me. The boat rocked to starboard. The engine swung out to starboard, that made the boat list more to starboard. All in a second. I started thinking about the hoist tipping over, and I was pretty much where it was going to land when it happened. I put my shoulder to the engine and shoved to hold it where I belonged and strained to reach over to the hoist to lower it back down on the piles of blocks it had been sitting on, which involved straining to push it into place without knocking over the blocks while reaching over several feet to operate the hoist.

Yup, big swinging weights in a rocking boat are a very interesting phenomenon.

03-26-2007, 09:25 AM
Nice Job, and the idea of a 1600lb hunk of iron swinging around scares me..