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03-10-2007, 12:49 PM
From the "Resurrection" thread:

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"As you know, there were various books that purported to be of apostolic authorship, but were not included in the Bible. Who decided to what to include and what to leave out? " ....."The Bible... where does that come from? Who/what compliled it?"

Important stuff....good to ask, but it didn't really fit the other thread. So, let's look at it here. And let's continue to look at these things with grace towards one another and "be nice"ness, like we've been doing so well on the other related threads! Good work, everyone! Give yourself a cheer!! :) :) Disintegrating into negativity doesn't get us anywhere, and surely isn't in the spirit of the topic! :) (why can't I turn OFF the italics?!?! :o :( )

Which books are you thinking of, Sam?