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Kim Whitmyre
02-07-2007, 10:57 AM


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sen. Joseph Lieberman said on Tuesday that Congress should consider a tax to fund the U.S.-declared war on terrorism and reduce the need to cut domestic programs to pay for security spending.

A former Democrat who supports the Iraq war and backs President George W. Bush's plan to send 21,500 additional troops to Iraq, Lieberman said the proposed increase in the Pentagon's budget for next fiscal year will squeeze funding for critical domestic programs.

"I think we have to start thinking about a war on terrorism tax," the independent Connecticut lawmaker said. "I mean people keep saying we're not asking a sacrifice of anybody but our military in this war and some civilians who are working on it."

"When you put together the (Pentagon) budget and the Homeland Security budgets, we need to ask people to help us in a way that they know when they pay more it will go for their security," he said during a Senate panel hearing on the defense budget request.

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Bush on Monday asked Congress to approve $700 billion in new military spending and to curb many domestic programs. The request includes $245 billion for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars between now and late 2008.

If Congress approves the war funding, the United States will have spent $661.9 billion on combat in Iraq, Afghanistan and related activities.

Increased defense spending since 2001 has come amid tax cuts that the Bush administration says were critical to keeping the U.S. economy strong after the September 11 attacks.

02-07-2007, 11:08 AM
Hey, great idea, punish us for the terrorists' actions.

I have a better idea; lets tax the people who fund the terrorists, the Saudi Arabians. They flew the planes into the buildings, they almost entirely fund al quada, they started the whole movement. How about for every dollar of damage caused by terrorists, we tax them $1 billion?

02-07-2007, 11:20 AM
I have a better idea; lets tax the people who fund the terrorists, the Saudi Arabians. They flew the planes into the buildings, they almost entirely fund al quada, they started the whole movement. How about for every dollar of damage caused by terrorists, we tax them $1 billion?

...and send in the US armed forces to collect..?


Bruce Hooke
02-07-2007, 11:37 AM
A war tax strikes me as a good idea. The poor, the elderly, and the sick should not have to pay for the cost of the war via cuts in their already slim benefits.

As to PatCox's comment...the whole idea he lays out seems to be predicated on the idea that Iraq has anything much to do with terrorism (aside from all the new terrorists we have created by invading Iraq). As far as I can tell, any such connection, or at least a connection with any significance, has yet to be demonstrated.

02-07-2007, 11:47 AM
Instead of a Tax here why don't we try and find the missing cash that was sent to Irag?

Washington - House Democrats on Tuesday grilled the former U.S. administrator of Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, demanding that he account for billions of dollars distributed in Iraq that no one seems able to trace.
Much of the questioning focused on $12 billion - mostly in $100 bills packed in huge bundles, 363 tons of cash in all - from Iraqi oil sales and frozen assets of Saddam Hussein's regime. The U.S. shipped the money to Iraq for Bremer's organization to disburse to Iraqi ministries.

Bremer was unable to explain the loss. " It was delivered late at night, too late to distribute, so we stacked it in a field next to the airport. The next morning, it was all gone, except for a few hundred-dollar-bills fluttering in the breeze."

" You must realize, continued Brenner, "that as Chief Administrator of Iraq, I had lots of things more important to do, I'm pleased to report that the second replacement shipment of $12 billion, was safely delivered to the Green Zone, where Iraqi officials, Blackwater, Brown & Root, Halliburton and other U.S. contractors warmly thanked us. I am sure it was put to good use!"

House Republican Whip, Roy Blunt (Mo.) warmly congratulated Brenner. " Thank you Mr. Brenner. On behalf of my fellow Republicans, who are quite familiar with the mysterious disappearance of funds, we accept your explanation. You may step down, and thank you. ....and now we will proceed to more important issues."

02-07-2007, 12:04 PM
Bruce, I said Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. The Saudi Arabia whose role in supporting, directly, through cash payments, the 9-11 hijackers was deliberately covered up by the 9-11 commission, according to one of the commission members, Phil Graham.

The Saudi royal family is playing a game with the wahhabi clerics who propagate the al queda doctrine and raise the money, the Saudi's encourage them to do their jihad-activities outside of Saudi Arabia, in order to try to prevent them from overthrowing the house of Saud in a religious revolution. So they look the other way, and even encourage, jihadists to go to afghanistan and now, since we invaded, Iraq. The Saudis are the biggest supporters of terrorism and the most to blame for 9-11, but they are cozy cozy cozy witrh the Texas oilk community and its puppets, Bush and Cheney, so here we are.

Bruce Hooke
02-07-2007, 12:18 PM
Yes, but the tax in question would in large part presumably go to support the war in Iraq. Invading Iraq was the Bush administrations idea, not the Saudi's.

Bob Cleek
02-07-2007, 12:19 PM
We're already being taxed for this fiasco. Anybody checked the national debt lately? Who does Liberman think is going to pay for that?