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Wild Dingo
02-01-2007, 11:39 PM
Well thanks to young Jackster over in his own thread (http://www.woodenboatvb.com/vbulletin/upload/showthread.php?t=61144) and his comment regarding "remember the maine" I just had an ap... spit it out boy!.. appit... COMEON!! you cn do it.. ah buggar it I just remembered something!! :rolleyes:

Back a fair while back when I was about 14 or so I got roped into heading the 200klicks into town for the annual Meekatharra Gymkahna and race meet... now any hint of the word "town" would send us into proxisms of cleanliness clean clobber clean behind the earholes an major movement to gettin the truck loaded and ready for the trip... this generallymeant cleanin the cow an horse shyte outta the back and such like

But town was mentioned and it was a time honored tradition that EVERYBODY goes to TOWN when its mentioned... so the boss pays us whatevers owin or whatever we thought we would need to get us through the 4 days it took... 1 day in 2 days there and 1 day back reallly seriously ROUGH track into town back then

And off we headed... man I remember the heat best of all sorta reminds one of standing in front of a furnace! 110F wind socking into yer face directly off the desert while the sun GLARED hot and HOT down into the head makin everything and anything too hot to touch let alone sit yer ass upon

Anyway we got to town around on dusk... Meekatharra back then was a slow easy goin station town the only thing that kept it goin was the stations (ranches) the mining boom hadnt kicked in so I guess it was slowly dying... but I digress... Meeka its other more common name had at that time about 15 or so pubs with a local town population of about 500... so when you rocked up to town you started on the outskirts at the Railway (northern end) or the Esplanade (southern end) and just worked your way through and hopefully out the other end at some point

Anyway Gymkahna and race day were the ABSOLUTE bestest days in Meeka... I mean EVERYONE from up to 1000 klicks away headed to "town" for the festivities and frolics.

So Im remembering this since it was the first time Id been "of age" to have a whirl at all the events... think rodeo here... so my name went into the ring and I drew "THUNDERBALLS" yeah I laughed too... till I got taken over to the yards to meet said "THUNDERBALLS"... I MEAN SHYTE!!! now yer gotta remember as a young fella I was no taller than 5ft and skinny as hell (wirey we calledit ;) ) and this bloody creature this flamin mongrel snortin stompin bloody great Brahman BULL with the most ginormous set of gonads Id ever seen had MY number stuck on the damned gate

"mmmmaaaaaa mate that cant be right?" I stammered "yer number 666 right?..." a huge grin came over his face "thats the bibles number of the beast and mate heres the bloody beast you got 10 minutes to say yer goodbyes and be back here" and off he went... I mean this thing was not HUGE it wasnt even GIGANTIC it was beyond IMMENSE even... and it hated me! bashin its bloody horned head against the rials kickin the damned yard near to bits and glarin an snortin straight at me... IT KNEW!! :eek:

So whats a young bloke to do? pullin out of the comp wasnt an option I was "TUFF" and it wasnt even for me own honor but for the station itself I HAD to do this.... so whats a bloke to do?... head to the nearest pub? TOO BLOODY RIGHT I DID!!... underage my ass I was a workin fella Iwas old enough to ride and fight with the best of em AND I was gonna ride that stinkin mongrel beast THUNDERBALLS!!... I WAS DA MAN!!:cool: or so it felt as everyone plied me with "tummy tuffeners" an "mind numbers" in the form of Rum and Tiquila in copious quantities

Sooo the yobbo that introduced me came rushin up "Oi comeon! its yer go in a few ticks yer holdin everything up yer wanker" so he drags me away... and I just lay back an let him soooo? i knew my legs wouldnt work even if Id wanted em to so I kicked back and got a drag ride!! :D

Then he dumps me "gerrup yer dopey buggar its time mate! THUNDERBALLS is waitin" I looked up at him at his glitterin eyes his huge laugh and thought "F***ME IM DEAD!" so I tried to get up and buggar of and would have if me boots hadnt caught on something on the ground and tripped me fair over... anyway I could hear THUNDERBALLS snortin snarlin an growling will kickin shyte outta anything and anyone that came within coooee of him... "ah comeon mates lets pick the dopey young station coon up an toss him onboard an tie the buggar on?"... I HEARD THAT YER WANKER!! me mind screamed as they hoisted me up and suddenly I was flying over the other side!! damn the ground gets bloody hard when yer drop on it from a height... but by now Id got meself together and was gonna show that white bastard who could and who couldnt right THUNDERBALS and it was by gawd gonna be this little black duck!... so I disted meself of grabbed me hat an jammed it on me head and marched over to the holding pen clambered up did a few checks and jumped aboard

WHAHOOOOOOOOOOO!! true sheer adrenaline rush!! I mean I was halfway to heaven one minute and halfway to bloody china the next!!
TIE ME FLAMIN WELL DOWN!!" I screamed as my balls went to heaven in a handbasket as I came crashin down onto this mongrel things spine... laughter "thats one young fella thats never gonna have kids" and the response "an the buggar will talk all funny forever afta THUNDERBALLS is done with him"... ooh yeah sure as hell would and did :(

And so I was ready... "OPEN" I yelled... the gate opened and everything went quiet... the damned thing didnt move a muscle toward the gate... silence

THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!! I mean this damned thing went sideways upwards and around BEFORE we got out the gate!!

I went sideways downwards and up BEFORE we got out the gate!!

Suddenly I wasnt lookin at the fence with the people straight in front of me they had somehow turned upside down... BUT I HELD ON!!... then I remembered I was meant to let go with one hand! so I let go stuck me hand up into what I thought would be the air and coped a belting to the whole arm!!... damn that hurt and I was gettin off balance!! I was gonna fall if I didnt get me free hand onto something!!

THUNDERBALLS was not named THUNDERBALLS for nothing... I felt a whack behind the head first it was just annoyin as I was tryin to figure out how to get a handhold on this thing then I swatted at the thing that hit me in the head... EUREKA!!! I grabbed and HELD ON FOR BLOODY GRIM DEATH!!:eek: The rope knots gave out on me other hand an suddenly I was in a tumble dryer!! BUT I HUNG ON!!!

Hours passed... well seconds actually but it felt like hours from where I was handing... ANd then someone yanked me from me boots... off came me boots!! a few seconds later and I felt a couple of pairs of hands grabbin at me belt BUT I HUNG ON... down came me daks an jocks!! BUT I HUNG ON!!!

After what seemed a year of bein dragged all over the damned arena I felt THUNDERBALLS slow down... I HUNG ON!!... then he stopped blowin a gale.. BUT I HUNG ON!! I was NOT goin to let go no matter what!!

"let go young fella youve beat THUNDERBALLS mate" I tried to let go but me hand was clamped and stuck... I looked up... "yeah mate yer got him by the balls an won!!"

Somehow I managed to get upright and move along THUNDERBALLS's side his head hung dejected his eyes had lost their gleam and he was still blowin like a cyclone... I walked up to his head and leaned against him... just restin you know we were STUFFED TOTALLY...

Then I heard a voice at my shoulder "Well done mate I rekcon yer won" so I turned and looked.. yep it was that bloke that had called me a "station coon" so I smiled and belted the hell outta him... looked back at THUNDERBALLS and you know I reckon that old bull was smilin an laughin his head off...

I took me winnings (20 quid if I remember rightly) and me honor and walked away... to the bar and got WELL AND TRUELY PISSED AS A LEGLESS CHOOCK!!

But I remember well the Meekatharra Gymkahna and race meetin of 1971 :cool: The day I became a man! :D And somewhat of a local legend ;) "hey there goes Shane he won by a bulls balls whisker" :D :cool:

Bruce Hooke
02-02-2007, 12:07 AM
Wow...that's a heck of a story. I'm laughing so hard I'm having a hard time typing!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D

02-02-2007, 12:17 AM
Always knew that I didn't want to try bull-riding!

02-02-2007, 12:32 AM
yeah,,that's something to remember

02-02-2007, 02:39 AM
Shane me old china, I'm having me last look here before I unplug this infernal machine and head west..... Now I'll be headin' through Meeka around about next Tuesdee on me way to Bidya so should I stop and admire the statue of Dingo the dingus grabbin' bull rider? IS there a statue of yer glorious self or is there just a bust of Thunderballs and his thundering thingies perhaps?
By the way Shane, following your adviice I just rang the Meeka police and constable Turner tells me the Wiluna - Meeka road is good.... and good advice from you mate! Thanks..

Wild Dingo
02-02-2007, 02:56 AM
aahh stoppers me ol mate of great renown... tis true there should be many a fine statue in a many a fine outback town attestin to me glorious achievements but sadly no one ever got that taken with it all... more like its just a dim fadest memory by now... a few ol locals at one or the other of the pubs fornamed may well remember the Gymkahna of that year... although perhaps somewhat doubtfull since theres been many a more memorable Gymkahna than that one... see that happened to me so it sorta sticks a tad... but what happened to the fiery young sheila from Sherwood station some years back would have more lasting memorys considering it if I recall contains feats surrounding her boobs an butt rather than one young git hangin for dear life on a pair of bulls balls ;)

Tits an butts sells an people remember astounding feets when tits and butts belonging to fine young sheilas are involved

aahh twere a fine time I had as a wee youngun... maybe I will tell yer all of another time which we may yet call "remember the Spinifex Hotel" thread... but wording may well be an issue for the words used in that wonderous sleepy pub in that one horse town where the horse died years ago but forgot to fall over called Derby is quite far an away enough to shock the gonads of a wharfie in full flight there is none betterer than a Derbyite in full flight :eek:

But we will see? such a rememberin takes a lot of thinkun an mutterin cursin an shoutin so when the missus an hoonberrys buggar of I will have a go at rememberin such a yarn as to bring a tear to yer eyesockets an a smile to yer dial... twill have it all I fear.... but then back in those good ol days every day had it all eh? :cool: :D

02-02-2007, 03:15 AM
This is Dingo's purse.:cool:
Now you know where he got it.:eek:
A real man's accessory.:cool: