View Full Version : Deadwoods, Rudders and Props

Ted Chism
01-31-2007, 09:25 PM
Hi, I am building a 25 foot Hampton Flatie from the Smithsonian / Chapelle collection. I have a Vire 7 that I plan to put in for axurilary power. I have her pretty will framed up and need to be thinking about where I want the prop placed. I think the Vire runs a 10 inch prop although the original was a colapsible one. It looks like the options are either to shorten the Deadwood and not mess with the rudder which just hangs straight down the transom all the way to the bottom of the deadwood. Or, to leave the deadwood flush with the transom and carve a half moon out of the rudder to accomidate the prop. Or some combination of the two - half and half.

What I am looking for from the wiser ones is the pro and con of the two or just plain which one is best. I would rather not shorten the deadwood, but I am also concerned about how the various set-ups effect steering and so forth. If I leave the deadwood full length I could look straight down at the prop which would make it easier to untangle crab lines etc., but then again it might be a little safer to have it tucked back in a bit. Watcha think?

Ted Chism