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11-30-2006, 08:42 AM
People dont like red oak for boats. But I always thought Red oak would be easier to treat since water moves easily thru it.
Does anyone pressure treat Red Oak?

Andreas Jordahl Rhude
YES, red oak is a wood species that can be and is pressure preservative treated. It can be treated with waterborne or oil borne treatments. It is utilized in timber bridges both as solid sawn and glued laminated timber.

The USS Bittern, MHC 43 (mine hunter coastal minesweeper) was built from 1955 to 1957 at Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp. on Long Island, NY. It was constructed with glued laminated timber frames and keel and stem, etc... The frames were pressure presrvative treated red oak. The treatement was Wolman salts (tanalith). All those great and compass timbers were manufactured at Peshtigo, WI by what has been called Sentinel Structures, Inc. since 1972. My father was the project manager on this and all other "marine laminating" done at the firm.

A few years ago the Bittern was located at Portland, Maine and was called "Aqualab."

Pressure preservatively treated red oak was used for making glued laminated timber knees for Old Ironsides in 1973.


People why do you put up with wood boats rotting if such a resource to a wooden boat builder can be made available.
Although I can hear all the objections already to PT red oak.
The art of wooden boat building is also I suppose the art and pride of major wood boat repairs.