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Ken Hutchins
09-08-2006, 01:41 PM
There are times when some time in a quiet spot is good for the mind, but occasionally the quiet spot needs some work, I got a call that nature decided to leave a calling card on my camp. Minor damage, got temp repairs done and made a list of what will be needed to finish it on the next visit.
Then I relaxed, spent some quality quiet time enjoying being 10 miles away from the nearest utility pole,:) cell phones don't work within 10 miles either, not a very good location for Joe:D
The view looking over what is now a grown in bog.
The camp is located in what was paper company land but is now Nash Stream State Forest, at what used to be a 70 acre pond which drained very rapidly back in 1969 when the old logging dam washed away sending a 30 foot high wall of water down stream. The effects of that washout will probably take about another 25 years for nature to completely cover up. Several bridges were destroyed and the town of Groveton 12 miles down stream was flooded. A bulldozer which was being operated about 1/2 mile the below dam was never found, the operator managed to grab a tree and spent 2 days roosted there until the water receeded,:eek: there is a sign on the tree 'Rowden's Roost'.::)
The camp itself was originally built for logging when loggers spent all winter at these kinds of remote places, moving the logs down onto the frozen pond to wait for ice out, then the logs were driven down the stream to the mill with the springtime high water.

Ken Hutchins
09-08-2006, 01:55 PM
I do have winter pics, probably not digital, I will look tonight and scan for a post. winter access is only by snowmobile, dog sled or x-country ski.:)