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ron ll
07-30-2006, 04:46 PM
In plumbing a new hot water tank heat exchanger to the engine, a mechanic I trust showed me where to make the connections on the engine. The engine is keel cooled, and where he suggested the connections makes it a bypass system instead of an inline system. In other words, the water to the tank heat exchanger takes off from the manifold and returns to the other side. It is not in between the engine and the keel cooler, but is a separate loop.

Is this a normal way to do it? Seems to me there is no forced circulation thru the heat exchanger from the water pump by doing it this way. Yet putting it directly inline with the keel cooler runs the risk of restricting the flow and not cooling the engine properly. Does this seem right?

07-30-2006, 07:30 PM
Yes, it makes sense. Two thoughts:

1) Is the "path of least resistance" to the new heat exchanger or the existing cooler. My guess is it will be through the new heat exchanger so there will be flow through it.
2) Since you will want to control the amount of heat coming out of the new heater, there will be a valve or other device to throttle the flow of the coolant. If it were in-line with the existing cooler, it would be pinching off all of your cooling and overheating your engine. Obviously inline is not really an attractive path for the addition of your heater.

Good luck with the project!