View Full Version : Marriage Protection Pledge

06-05-2006, 01:45 PM
If Congress thinks the Constitution is for one big circle jerk they're going to have company.


1. Call the members of Congress, House and Senate, in the lists below. Then report back to AMERICAblog, either via the comments or by email, and tell us what the office told you.

Congressional Switchboard: 1-888-355-3588 (then ask for the specific Senate Office). Or use this page to direct phone numbers for the Senators listed below.

2. MESSAGE: Hello, I'm calling to find out if the member of Congress supports traditional marriage? Can you tell me if he or she masturbates? Do you? What about sodomy, including analingus, cunnilingus and fellatio? Is the member willing to pledge that he/she has never, is not, and will never commit those acts? Has the member ever had sex before marriage? Have you? What about adultery and prostitution? Will they swear never to have been involved, and never to be involved, in either? Will the member promise never to divorce? And finally, if the member is married, do they have children, and if not, why not?

3. VOTE COUNT - Here is who to call