View Full Version : Info For New Members: Free Online Tutorial on Lofting

Ron Linton
06-05-2006, 11:10 AM
Just a note that you can find a collection of animations (with sound) that I've created here: Lofting (http://facstaff.colstate.edu/linton_ronald/default.htm). They give a complete tutorial in lofting, starting with a discussion of how to create a lofting surface, and then taking you all the way to a complete set of lines for Stambaugh's Windward 24. (With his permission, I have displayed only portions of the table of offsets.) The animations take you, step-by-step to this:


Also, here's a link to my building site: W24 building site (http://facstaff.colstate.edu/linton_ronald/default.htm). Plenty of pics there.

If things go well this week, I'll soon have the centerboard trunk installed (I've nearly finished the centerboard itself). I'm still about a year away from launching.