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Jonathan Kabak
04-19-2006, 02:00 PM
Greetings All-

I am in dire need of a Raytheon V700 or V720 display unit to replace the one aboard the Lettie G. Howard until we can haul out later this year and replace the transducer. As you can imagine just swaping out the transducer on a 113 year old fishing schooner is not a 1,2,3 operation and the transducer works fine but the display is not repairable.

Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. So as you head to your local Used Marine Supply Store keep an eye out.

Thank you all in advance,

Jonathan Kabak
Master, Schooner Lettie G. Howard

Lew Barrett
04-19-2006, 06:10 PM
Try these guys (right url this time)
Their inventory changes, it pays to keep in touch with them.

Gary E
04-20-2006, 10:19 AM
As you can imagine just swaping out the transducer on a 113 year old fishing schooner is not a 1,2,3

Ahh, it might not be in you instance if there are screws holding it from below but here is how we installed depth sounder transducers while the boat is in the water.

Get together ALL of the equipment before you start drilling the hole in the bottom.

Proper drill size
Proper tapered plug to fit the hole drilled with the above drill
Fishing rod with lead weight sized to fit through that hole
Boat hook or other method to snag a fishing line
Black electrical tape

Now that you have all that gatherd together, take a file and mark the top of the transducer with a notch to mark either the front or the rear of the transducer and remember which.

Drill the hole in the bottom of the boat in the desired place and have the fishing rod and weight handy as you do it... as soon as your hole is a through, drop the weight through the hole and plug it with the tapered plug, file handles work well sometimes.

Use the boat hook to snag that fishin line and pull in the weight.

Goop up the transducer
Remove the lead weight and Tie the connection end of the transducer wire to the fishing line making sure it's a nice taped up tapered transition from fishing line to transducer wire so there are no snags.

Toss the transducer and wire overboard.

Go down below and pull out the plug and reel in the line pulling the wire throug the hole and then the transducer stem.

Put the washers and nuts on and line up that notch you made in the proper place and snug up the nut.

Your now ready to fish the transducer wire to the display.

Job done and no expensive haul out.

We did several of these with fairing blocks and many without, it just takes a few more carefull steps to line up the fairing blocks.

What does 113 yr old boat have to do with anything? could be a new boat, we did many this way new and old, it works well.