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01-28-2006, 04:51 PM
A Hooters just opened in town, and I saw this post on Craigs list. I think I've heard the same story on here...Only I would have liked to watch this one...

So let me paint a picture for you, my girlfriend and I are pulling into the Parkway diner for some lunch the other day and as we park our car we see two Hooters waitresses in their fantastic garb scampering across the street from hooters carrying little plastic buckets. They walk into the Parkway in front of us and go up to the waitress, who was wearing about twice as much material as the hooters girls combined, as ask her a question, which I could not hear. The parkway waitress gives them a befuddled look and leans through the little window that leads to the dishwashing room and calls
“I’m going to need some help out here.”

From the back the manager appears with her rhinestone encrusted fleece vest, as well as a few amused looking cooks. The hooters girls bounce over to the end of the counter and the eyes of the old Vermonters present follow every undulation in rapt attention. When the various lobes of flesh come to rest, the blond who is clearly the Alpha of the pair says
“Our boss said that we are running low on steam over at the restaurant and need some more so we were wondering if we could buy some from you? He gave us $10 will that be enough?”

The manager looks up at them over the top of her black rhinestone accented glasses and says with that perfect diner employee inflection,

To which the blond replied, “yeah we brought buckets.”

The Parkway manager lets out a breath, blinks her silver eye shadowed eyes, and says, in a very conciliatory tone.
“Honey I think someone is playing a joke on you girls”

The blond looks a little confused deflates just slightly in her orange shorts and says

“Yes honey” the manager replies.

The hooters girls glance around at the wool-clad clientele of the diner and catch none of their eyes, as they are looking about 1 to 3 feet below the girls gaze. With nothing more than an “Oh” from the blond the two retreat, lobes bouncing a little less emphatically then before sadly.

As we watch them go we look across the street to whence they came and see their manager who looks like he also may be a regular customer laughing in the hooters parking lot taking pictures of the girls as they scamper back across the street. They give him dirty looks and keep trotting towards the front door to a waiting clientele of sweatshirt clad mid-twenties guys who seem to favor Hooters as a setting for their lunch break.

The Parkway manager sums it all up for the diner saying “I just feel kind of sorry for them”

Yeah a little sorry buy I hear they have they serve the best dam bucket of steam in town.

* this is in or around The Parkway Diner

01-28-2006, 04:56 PM
Steam is a beer made with lagar type yeast, but at higher, ale fermenting temperatures. The only commercial example still in production is Anchor Steam. I don't think $10 would have been enough for a bucket full.