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Ian McColgin
01-28-2006, 10:25 AM
It would be easier to be morally dismissive of the threats made by the kidnappers of those four Christian peace activists


if we were not guilt of a kidnapping insurgents' wives as a way to get at the insurgents.


There have been deaths of detainees in US hands. The number - much less the causes by suicide, murder by other inmates, the results of torture, and execution - is secret.

I suppose it could be viewed as a slight step up that we don't publicly execute hostages whom we also know for a fact are innocent.

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01-28-2006, 02:16 PM
A few weeks ago there was an Iraqi doctor/journalist who was raided by mistake. As it turns out he was a part of a small group of people who went into Falluja right after the invasion in 11/04 to film what westerm media wasn't able to document. We're getting a fraction of the news that's available on the internet and non-US media.

"The party is pretty much over.." mainstream media leaving Iraq.


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