View Full Version : Do I need an anchor?

11-04-2002, 12:20 PM
The anchor thread remind me of a story I read a couple of years ago in "Santana", a monthly marina freebie that advertises itself as the lcoal sailing rag of Southern California.

A couple of years ago they ran an article about getting your boat ready for Catalina (about 25 miles south of Long Beach, California. The writer contacted West Marine, Vessel Assist and the Coast Guard for some anecdotes. Some of the stories included:

1. "Hello, West Marine, I have a 40 foot boat and am going to Catalina. Do I need an anchor?"

2. "Hello, West Marine, I calling from my cell phone and am on my way to Catalina. I bought a compass from you.... Can you tell me what my heading should be?

and my favorite...

3. "Hello, Coast Guard, My engine is out and I am somehere between Catalina and the mainland..... No I don't where I am.... Pick an identifiable object and tell where I am in relation to it?..... Okay.... I'm under the edge of a big white cloud right.............now!"

11-10-2002, 02:06 PM
#3 is similar to the old one about retrieving a camera that was dropped overboard while under way. "Mark the rail where it went in so we can come back and dive for it."