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Eric R
11-12-2005, 07:57 PM
Bowdoin and Puritan.

Bowdoin is an 88' LOD, bald-headed (I believe that's what you call it when she doesn't carry topmasts) gaff-rigged knockabout, designed for Artic research. She made her first voyage to the Arctic under Admiral MacMillan in 1921, and made many subsequent voyages. She returned to the Arctic in 1991 under Capt. G. Andy Chase, sailing under MMA ownership. She now operates as the flagship of MMA's considerable small-vessel fleet and MMA's official sailtraining vessel. She made a one month trip through the waters around Newfoundland last year and we hope she'll repeat the voyage this summer. Bowdoin is crewed and maintained largely by student volunteers.

Puritan is a 35' Crocker-designed schooner yacht. Another one of MMA's small vessel fleet, she is used by the Auxiliary Sail Vessel Operations class and Advanced Sailing classes.

These pictures are from the Fall '05 sailing season, taken with a friend's digital camera. I found them on my computer and thought I'd post them. So, hope you enjoy them.




Puritan, viewed from the quarterdeck of Bowdoin.


Puritan and Bowdoin sailing in company in the Eggemogin Reach; Puritan in foreground, Bowdoin in background.


Bowdoin in a light following breeze. What a pretty little stern she's got, eh?


Bowdoin, looking aft from the foredeck.

EDIT: Well, I couldn't fix it so the pics would show up. But at least now you can follow the links and see the pictures. That's something, isn't it? tongue.gif

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Eric R
11-12-2005, 07:58 PM
Say, what's up with the pictures?

I think I copied and pasted the pic's URLs correctly...

Could someone advise me as to the proper posting of pictures here?

Bruce Hooke
11-13-2005, 09:01 AM
It looks like there are, possibly, a couple of problems going on. The URL's you posted just take me to the My Photos page for "Webshots," which just talks about how to sign up and does not show me any pictures. I'm not sure if this is in part because you changed the URL's when the first try didn't work. Certainly, the URL's you posted are not direct links to pictures, they are links to web pages that might have pictures on them. I'm not sure why the links are taking me just to the generic My Photos page, but it may have something to do with whether you have made your page publicly accessible or some such. To get the actual URL of a picture you need to right click on the picture and select "properties" and then copy and paste the location URL.